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Prospects Options Choices

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Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Fri Mar 06, 2020 1:29 pm

Wyman has been listening to Chris describe his itinerary for the next month or so.They are sat in an office in the New Castle.

Chris: “ I know it’s a lot to take in , take your time , we’ll discuss it again when you’re ready.”

Wyman: “ You’re dead right it’s a lot to take in. Are you certain I’m the right guy for this, the only geology I have is what I picked up in the Bakken?”

Chris: “ You’ll be ideal as a tourist , not a mining engineer. You can ask questions without ringing alarm bells and your id will confirm you’re researching a book . As I said a lot is happening over there, and what better way to pick up intel but at street level. We get info from board rooms , but the rest is mainly rumour.”

Wyman: “ I was given a load of stuff from Amesec about Chile and Bolivia before coming here today I need to read up. This list of metals is something else.”

Chris: “ Care to explain?”

Wyman: “ Here look at this.” He handed Chris a sheet entitled - Rare Earth Elements. See ?”

Chris: “ Yeah ,how do you pronounce that one ,neo ,neo ? “

Wyman: “ I do know lithium, though.” They both laughed.” It’s a lot easier to say.”

Chris: “ Anyway this won’t begin without your agreement, and one of Kenny’s people has to be drafted and the travel and accommodation has to be booked.”

Wyman: “ So I’m to have company?”

Chris: “ Yes, actually Kenny’s idea ,better that you’re not alone for safety reasons ,and a couple will attract less attention.”

Wyman: “ Couple?”

Chris: “ Yes, you met before, the agent who looked after Anna in Scotland.”

Wyman: “ A woman?”

Chris: “ Yes. Maureen, she works for Hugo.” Wyman was shaking his head.” Is this a problem bro?”

Wyman: “ I hadn’t planned anything other than looking out for myself Chris.” Chris laughed.

Chris: “ Are you telling me you don’t want to do it ,I can assure you she’ll not be a liability?”

Wyman: “So do you have a start date?”

Chris: “ Entirely down to you. If you don’t want the gig just tell me Wy.”

Sarah is in conversation with Oz on the way to the airport.

Sarah: “ You’re sure you have everything you need for the week Oz?”

Oz: “ That’s the third time you asked me pet, the answer is still yes, I picked up all the shirts. Did you get the date for Greig’s service yet?”

Sarah: “The US navy released the body a week ago but the FCO are taking their time, I guess maybe next week and probably in London, he had no family.”

Oz: “ Will you go?”

Sarah: “ Would you mind ?”

Oz: “Good grief why would I mind ,you knew him a long time pet.”

Dagmar is reading a letter from Fredo’s office. Dennis notices her frown as she gazes into space.

Dennis: “ Problem petal?”

Dagmar: “ I don’t think so .It’s about my time at the Beco site in the eighties. Maybe everyone will get one?”

Dennis: “ It looks serious from your expression.” Dagmar looked across at Den and grinned.

Dagmar: “ Dennis I know that look , it’s not a secret, I’ll tell you. Europol have asked the German police to identify certain employees from that time.”

Dennis: “ Hells bells that’s a canny while since, how can they expect people to remember that far back?”

Dagmar: “ It says to take this letter to the nearest police station and identify myself.”

Dennis: “ Don’t look so worried pet .I’ll go with you ,after all Fredo’s friendly enough.”

Later at the police station Dennis is not very happy.

Dennis: “ Hey lad ,we’re not terrorists, why are you acting like this?”

Dagmar: “ Dennis calm down, he is only wanting to verify my background.”

Dennis: “ Calm down, calm down, we came here voluntarily. I want to see inspector Fredo right now.”

Fredo arrived five minutes later after a very nervous junior had been despatched to extract him from the meeting he was attending.

Fredo: “ Mr and Mrs Patterson please come with me. I will explain.” After offering coffee and settling them both into more comfortable chairs Fredo continued.” You have both been here long enough to know how things work. The EU has it’s fingers everywhere, so when Europol say jump you know how we answer.”

Dennis: “ Fredo you know both of us, why are we being treated like this, like aliens?”

Fredo: “ In the early eighties things in Germany were different , like here in Spain movement was more controlled, and numbers were less. Someone realised this and believes it might be possible to place certain people at certain places at a certain time .”

Dennis: “I think we both understand that but…”Fredo stopped Den with a gesture.

Fredo: “ I apologise for my assistant. He is new, and young and he sees his future in Europol.”

Dagmar: “ We understand inspector ,please carry on.”

On their way home Dagmar asked Dennis what he thought of their meeting with Fredo.

Dennis: “ Well that was a turn up pet .I never expected he was only interested in the Turks, did you?”

Dagmar: “ He did say some only pretended to be Turks Dennis.”

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Sat Mar 07, 2020 4:05 am

Plastic Abduls ?

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Wed Mar 11, 2020 2:08 pm

Nev was bending Dennis’s ear about a letter he had just received.

Dennis: “ Nev,Nev man take it easy, yes I got one and Sarah told me there’s one waiting for Oz when he gets back. I expect Moxey and Barry have the same.”

Neville: “ Yes Den but it’s from Europol. It’s followed me all the way from Dusseldorf!”

Dennis: “ So what, they’re just another bunch of coppers paid from Brussels I expect.”

Neville: “ What did Dagmar have to do?”

Dennis: “ Look through some pictures and answer a few questions. Painless kiddah.”

Neville: I’m down for eleven at Fredo’s this morning.”

Dennis: “ Must be alphabetical, I’m invited for twelve.”

Neville:” Is Mox still in Scotland?”

Dennis: “ Aye, they all are, I reckon it’s a bit therapy for Chrissy.”

Neville: “ Did Sarah say when Oz is coming back?”

Dennis: “ Not really, she just said he’d told Fredo he’d be back sometime toward the end of the week. No probs.”

Neville: “ Maybe I’ve overeacted a bit, it’s probably just some kind of routine thing?”

Dennis: “ Exactly, but a word to the wise Nev, don’t say anything about the bomb.”

Neville: “ What bomb?”

Dennis: “ Dear me lad ,how could you forget about the bomb, y’knah the bomb at the Beco site?”

Neville: “ Bugger off Den!”

Wyman had his first view of the city of La Paz as they approached the airport.

Wyman: “ Crikey have you seen this Maureen?”

Maureen: “ Spectacular isn’t it. Built inside an extinct volcanic crater. Never fails to impress. If you want we can get a closer look later on?”

Wyman: “ Incredible ,let’s do it.”

As they checked in to their hotel Maureen asked for a tour guide at the reception.

Maureen: “ There are loads more organised tours than when I was here before, if you want we could get a taxi and just find our own way?”

Wyman: “ Whatever my petal, whatever you want to do it’s fine with me.” She smiled at him and whispered in his ear.

Maureen: “ Either you’re very easy to please or you’re overplaying the doting paramour?”

Wyman whispered back. "Whichever gets me the most brownie points.” They both laughed and headed for the lift. Once inside the room Maureen made a quick sweep looking for bugs.” I didn’t expect anything but it doesn’t do any harm.”

Wyman: “ Kenny said you’ve been at this a while ?”

Maureen: “ Yes, we both worked out of Hugo’s office for a time. That’s where I met Mel, but I think you knew that.”

Wyman: “ Yes,Kenny explained.Tell me though he must have pulled a few strings to get you assigned to this gig for Chris?"

Maureen: “ Not really, Hugo’s remit includes all the STB work, the Science and Technology Branch. The Bureau has eyes on anything related to the movement of strategic materials and all this stuff we’re looking for is in that category.”

Wyman: “ So when did you get involved?”

Maureen: “ I was transferred about six years ago ending up in the Phoenix office .”

Wyman: “ Which is when you came across…?”She interrupted him.

Maureen: “ Mel, yes ,that’s what you were about to say wasn’t it. She was a good friend to me.”

Wyman: “ Yes, it doesn’t surprise me .Well it's all in the past, but I won't forget.”

Sarah is chatting to Oz about the funeral.

Oz: “ While you were there did you say anything about this Europol thing to anyone?”

Sarah: “ Strangely Oz the chat was centred on Greig, there was one little wrinkle however.”

Oz: “ You mean something unexpected?”

Sarah: “ In a way. Someone asked what motive could there be to institute such a survey. The costs will not be inconsiderable, and the Beco site was wholly owned by the Stille’s and under their control at that time.”

Oz: “ Mind the Turks were very much isolated y’kna, on their own most of the time. Individually only one or two stand out in my recollection, mainly because of pilfering and…….” Oz frowned.

Sarah: “…and what Oz?”

Oz: “ I’d forgotten until just now, but there was an altercation as you might call it, with the owner of a brothel, he was a Turk.”

Sarah: “ Spare me the Percy Filth Oz.”

Oz: “ Nah it’s not like that pet.”

Sarah: “ Pleased to hear it. Go on.”

OzP: “ Well it’s complicated but afterwards they started a rumour that I was ,well, gay.”

Sarah: “ Did I hear correctly, did you say gay?”

Oz: “ I’m not proud of this episode in my life, but it was only done to protect me from being knifed.”

Sarah: “ Hmmm.” Oz looked at Sarah’s wrinkled brow.”

Oz: “ I am not, nor ever have I been of that persuasion. Can we change the subject.” Sarah was laughing like a drain.

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Thu Mar 12, 2020 6:43 am

Oh god, don't tell me Kamal is going to end up in this ?! :P

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Sun Mar 15, 2020 11:54 am

Barry and Hazel are returning by car to Varna after inspecting a promising acquisition discovered by Hazel.

Hazel: “ Well Barry, what do you think?”

Barry: “ You’re right about the site ,the view and the beach , stupendous. According to their books though it seems no one could care less. We’re missing something. No idea why Rose left?”

Hazel: “ The people I spoke to didn’t like Rose but more importantly they rarely if ever see the owner. They feel that they are not valued and it shows in the poor performance especially in the holiday periods.”

Barry: “ I think there is potential for the Fantasy film business too. They get a lot of newly weds apparently. I need to chase up the holding company.”

Hazel: “ You’re off again tomorrow?”

Barry: “ Yes ,the Aruba business won’t wait so it makes sense to cover Chrysalis island as well.”

Hazel: “ Why is it still called Chrysalis , I thought that went after she sold out?” Barry glanced at Hazel, his driver for the last few days.

Barry: “ That’s a strange thing to say ?”

Hazel: “ Just curious, that’s all. If it had been my business that’s the last site I would have sold.”

Barry: “ There were extenuating circumstances.”

Hazel: “ Sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Barry: “ You do understand why I'm making this trip by myself?” Barry could see Hazel was trying not to smile.

Hazel: “Of course. Please Barry don’t put a spin on these few days. I’ve seen a change in you for the better I think.”

Barry: “ You’re right it has been a relief a chance to heal after what went before.”

Hazel: “ If I’d known I like to think I could have helped in some way. I hope you are better able to understand me now. We do seem to have more sympathy for each other than we had before.”

Barry laughed as he replied.” If I’d known there are at least three Hazels then maybe I could have appealed to the right one.”

Hazel: “Maybe. My problem then was not understanding where I was heading as a person.” Barry frowned and shook his head.

Barry: “ .....and now?”

Hazel:” Why are you asking, I won't be a port in a storm?”

Barry: “ You’re doing it again. “She glanced across at him and he could see tears brimming.

Hazel: “ …..and you’re doing it to me again. You said you wouldn’t, but …..look I know I hurt you. I see that now. Back then I didn’t really know what I wanted, something different, something exotic, unexpected, I told you that’s why I was attracted to Rose.”

Barry: “ Or a prince with a yacht?” He smiled at her. She laughed.

Hazel: “ Maybe .But I can say that I now put more value on honesty and truth than drug fuelled orgies.” Up to that point Barry had been gazing at the passing scenery. His head jerked up.

Barry: “ Drug fuelled orgies?”

Hazel: “ I wondered if you’d dropped off for a minute. Barry you know what I mean I’m sure. In any case from what you told me you and Tatiana were no strangers to the Peruvian marching powder.”

Barry: “Only before a knees up . You know me Hazel.”

Hazel: “I think I do, perhaps for the first time in years.”

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Sun Mar 15, 2020 4:35 pm

"It's started." :roll:

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:49 pm

About time Barry and Hazel get back together is all I can say, loike
Oi oi, what's the word then

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:32 pm

Nikki Myles had experienced a gruelling meeting with her boss at the newspaper offices. He made it clear he did not recognise the danger she said she was in . He only wanted one thing and that was the story she had promised. He refused her request for an advance and laughed when she mentioned expenses. Nikki began to think she needed a plan B. When he implied her actions had contributed to Greigs’ demise and the shooting could be attributed to the huge press and tv presence ,she decided plan B was her way out. Pointing out the dockside reception had been his idea made things worse, so she told him to stuff his two bit rag , she would take her story elsewhere. On her way out, the contents of her desk in a cardboard box, she remembered someone who owed her a favour and better still had a working knowledge of people trafficking, so Nikki left a message on the number given her by Tatiana after her rescue. Implying that she knew Anna’s whereabouts was not strictly true but it had the desired effect and Nikki’s ‘phone rang later that day.

Tatiana: “Hello Nikki. You know where my child is ?”

Nikki: “ Hello Tatiana. What I said was we may be able to help each other, and if my story is published there will be a fee to reflect the help you gave me.” Tatiana was suspicious but curiosity drove her to agree a meeting.

Tatiana: “ Do you know where Anna is ?”

Nikki: “ Where shall we meet, we can talk then?”

Tatiana: “I will let you know. One of my beauty therapy clinics is in Barcelona, I will be there tomorrow. You understand this will be exclusive and you will come alone.”

The salon had signs of recent refurbishment. Nikki allowed herself to be impressed, perhaps the offer of a fee might have been an insult ? On presenting her card to the receptionist she was shown a seat and asked to wait. The brochures were well designed and she found herself admiring Tatiana’s flair. This was one of seven laboratories where ones’ innate beauty could be researched and developed. Breathtaking stuff she was thinking when an attractive oriental girl in a green uniform called Kiki offered to show her to Tatiana’s consulting room. Tatiana was in discussion with another woman similarly attired in green.

Tatiana: “ That sounds wonderful Rose. You are off up to Varna this afternoon?”

Rose: “ Yes madam, there are so many good applicants for the post . It won’t be easy. I’ll keep you up to speed. Bye bye.”

Tatiana: “ That will be all Kiki, many thanks. Hello Nikki, good to see you. Have a seat. Coffee, tea?”

Nikki: “ Coffee will be fine, thankyou.”

Tatiana: “ So ,where is Anna?”

Nikki: “ I promised I would tell you where I believe she is, and in return you would provide information to support my expose of the trafficking scandal.”

Tatiana: “ How do I know you are telling me the truth?”

Nikki: “ How do I know your information is worth the trade?”

Tatian: “ This is bullshit ,how do we start ?”

Nikki: “ I can tell you the team who retrieved her included an FBI agent with affiliations to CWN. She was with her father three days ago and I know she has a job. Now Tatiana ,your turn.”

Chrissy is gazing across the loch a few miles from Kilgrinnan

Moxey: “ That’s the Grampians over there pet.”

Chrissy: “ I know ,Guy told me when he drove us up here.”

Moxey: “ I have to go and talk to Fredo when I get back.”

Chrissy: “ I know you told me before.” Moxey stood up and started to walk back to the car.” Moxey I’m sorry, come back.”

Moxey: “ What the hell’s wrong with you, you’ve been miserable as sin all week. It’s not our fault y’kna . Anyway Bob told you it will probably be time barred 'cos you were a juvenile. All you have to do is make an application to the fostering department.”

Chrissy: “ If I do and they refuse that’s the end .”

Moxey:” Is this is what it’s going to be like for the foreseeable?”

Chrissy: “ I thought it was an after effect of that toxin but it’s not. I just feel so down , all the time.”

Den and Nev are having a beer in Oz’s shed to celebrate his return.

Dennis: “ So you’re back a bit quick kiddah?”

Oz: “ Aye well there was a cockup with the studio time .We never got the tracks finished and I can’t get the lads together for another week so I said bollocks I’ll come back .”

Neville: “So this thing with the ‘photos?”

Oz: “ Aye ,no probs.”

Neville: “ No man ,did Fredo not say anything ?”

Oz: “ Nah, only that it’s to do with Europol.”

Neville: “ Only theTurks?”

Oz: “ Aye .I was saying to Sarah it brought back some memories.”

Neville: “ I’m worried about it.”

Dennis: “ What on earth for man?”

Neville: “Think about it Den. That specific time ,on a site belonging to the Stille brothers.You can’t tell me they wouldn’t have known everything going on.”

Oz: “ So what are you saying Nev?”

Neville: “ I think it’s more to do with now and less with then.”

Dennis: “ They’re interested in a Turkish guy working on the Beco site back in the eighties and they don’t have a record of him?”

Neville: “ Exactly. They don’t have a record of him. Only a ‘photo they put in front of us.”

Oz: “ You think the ‘photo wasn’t taken at the Beco site?”

Neville: “They want to know if we saw him on the site in the eighties.”

Oz: “ So what difference would it make to them if he wasn’t a bone fide employee?”

Neville: “ I don’t know, that’s why I’m worried.”

Dennis: “Bloody Norah Nev ,you’ll always find something to worry about.”

Neville: “ Did you two know any of the faces?”

Dennis:” Yes I recognised the one who was always slow on the mixer, and the light fingered one .”

Oz: “ Ditto.”

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Sat Mar 21, 2020 1:40 pm

Sarah had drawn a blank with the FCO. After Greigs’ death she hadn’t expected intel to flow as easily but this was different, she was cold shouldered. There was nothing significant revealed within Amesec so she hoped for more success with Kenny Brown who’d promised to find out what he could and get back to her later that day.

She took a call from Dagmar not long after hearing from Kenny.

Dagmar: “ Sarah, can you tell me if you’ve heard anything about this Europol thing?”

Sarah: “ As a matter of fact I’ve just had Kenny Brown on the ‘phone. He says it’s a cold case about a number of murders between 1980 and 1989 , prominent businessmen and politicians in the main. Europol believes it was the work of the Baader Meinhoff gang, or maybe another of the far left extremists.”

Dagmar: “ What’s that got to do with us Sarah?”

Sarah: “ It is known that gang members were trained by Palestinian guerrillas and they say one or more of them came to Germany from Lebanon in the eighties. In the open during the day hiding as workers on a building site.”

Dagmar: “ So, does this mean those photos included the terrorists ?”

Sarah: “ Yes , your identification could confirm their presence on the Beco site at that time.”

Dagmar: “ You do know that Neville is beside himself with worry, Dennis said it’s mainly about his run in with the police back in the day ?”

Sarah: “ Oz says he was cleared though.”

Dagmar: “ The girl was associated with an unsavoury gang and Neville is worried that is where there might be a connection.”

Sarah: “ Pru will surely put his mind to rest?”

Dagmar: “ She hasn’t had much success I’m afraid. Neville believes there is some relevance to current events. He reckons the Chechen may have been involved.”

Sarah: “ I can’t see a connection with the far left ,he was just an opportunistic criminal.”

Dagmar: “There is also the case a few years ago, of a sleeper cell in Germany where each of the members was over sixty years old.”

Sarah: “Right. So Nev thinks these guys are old enough to be part of a sleeper cell?”

Dagmar:” We think that possibility is maybe one of the things keeping him awake at night.”

Nikki looked closely at Tatiana across the table. She was thinking time had not been so kind ,there were signs of surgical intervention but from Mr Taylors account of her recent personal history maybe this was not unexpected. Tatiana had also been looking closely at Nikki.

Tatiana: “ You’re thinking I look not so bad for my years?”

Nikki: “You have the ideal business for such care.” Tatiana laughed and shook her head.

Tatiana: “ What do you want to know Nikki ?”

Nikki: “ After I sent the car for you where did you go?”

Tatiana: “I had to look up old friends and try to start my life again.”

Nikki: “ Looks like you’re doing well .Seven clinics, sorry laboratories, seems business is booming and you’re taking on more staff?”

Tatiana: “ I know the business and how to get the best out of it, but then you know that.”

Nikki: “ Your business associates interest me, take the lady you were talking to earlier, Rose you called her ?”

Tatiana: “ Yes she joined us recently her previous employer did not recognise her value. She will excel here. Enough ,tell me where is Anna ?”

Nikki: “ She was with her father as I explained but at this time she will be at work.”

Tatiana: “ Where does she work?”

Nikki: “ You know I cannot prejudice her safety, we agreed. Anyway I still need you to explain how you became involved in trafficking .”

Tatiana: “ My sister Zoe had many contacts and while we were in Varna she fell in with a bad crowd and in the end became a victim.”

Nikki: “ Where did your friend Lopez fit into this?”

Tatiana: “ I was able to get help from him after I left Spain, he could see a business opportunity and was willing to invest.”

Nikki: “ So was this to be taking up where you left off after leaving Varna?”

Tatiana: “ Are you looking for an investment as well?”

Nikki: “ You were at his dacha when Anna was rescued?”

Tatiana: “ No, but I have been there.”

Nikki: “ Did he run the trafficking from there?”

Tatiana: “ You don’t seriously expect me to answer that?”

Nikki: “ So who owns the business now that Lopez is dead?”

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Sun Mar 22, 2020 7:42 am

Kamal ! :twisted:

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:28 pm

Chris is nearly finished his video conference with Barry.

Chris: “I’m glad you could make this Barry, the scale of developments makes it difficult for me to keep up. You said the lockdown was affecting the business ?”

Barry: “Up to last week Chris everything was fine year on year, we hadn’t seen much change. However once this lockdown was put in place our European operations just crashed.”

Chris: “ What’s the position in the Caribbean?”

Barry: “Different. We have a captive market, they’re both islands of course. Problems will arise as bookings fall off .However there are those in residence wanting to isolate and we will need to address their needs. Sympathetically.”

Chris: “ I’ll leave this to your good offices my friend. Closer to home how goes your promotion of the manager of the Varna facility?”

Barry: “ I think the additional responsibility for the French and Spanish sites had the desired effect. She stepped up to the challenge. Are you concerned because of my history with her?”

Chris: “ No Barry, you are nothing if not professional. I have every confidence in you.”

Barry: “ The competition in those areas I told you of is not a problem. We are much better positioned to withstand a war of attrition if this pandemic persists. Chris I have to ask, as I see you in front of me,you do appear to be looking a lot better?”

Chris : “ I feel a lot calmer Barry. Time is a great healer. In fact looking at your present surroundings I’m jealous ,I feel like taking a break.”

Barry: “ By the way how’s young Wyman doing, is he still in Chile?”

Chris: “ Yes they’re heading into the Atacama ,I’m expecting a report soon. They have a meeting with an old friend of mine she has place in San Pedro. See you later Barry.”

Moxey is sat outside the out patients department with Bea and Guy. The receptionist tapped on the window and waved him over.

Receptionist: “Mr Moxey we need to screen all of you. I’m afraid your wife has tested positive for the corona virus. All those who’ve been in contact will require testing. Where are you staying?”

Moxey: “ Kilgrinnan estate. I guess that means the manager and his family will need testing as well?”

Receptionist: “ Yes .If you will all come this way. It only takes a short time, then you can go. You cannot stay here of course. We will let you have the results in a few days in the meantime please observe the protocols.”

Wyman and Maureen are making steady progress, the sun is reflecting off the white of the desert and is a challenge for their anti glare specs.

Wyman: “ It’s beautiful. I’ve seen nothing like it anywhere. In every direction just white.”

Maureen: “It’s amazing and I just love this dry heat. Isn’t this just the driest place. Hey Pablo that’s right isn’t it ,this is the driest place?”

Pablo: “ I tell all the tourists senorita hardly any rainfall at all.” They walked behind their guide a little way and he stopped and pointed to a strange feature on the ground.

Pablo: “ Look at that but don’t touch ,we call them the devils eyeholes. It is acid.”

Maureen: “ Gee whiz ,you live and learn. Shall we walk a bit further Wyman?” She leaned toward him and whispered.” I think someone might be following us.”

Wyman: “ Pablo is there somewhere we can get a drink?”

Pablo: “ Si senor we can drive over that way.” He pointed to what looked like a clump of cactus a few miles ahead. They clambered into the old jeep and set off. Maureen whispered to Wyman “ We’re a long way from La Paz,I hope they haven't come from there.” Wyman looked at her and smiled.

Wyman: “ Pablo will you join us for a drink?”

Pablo: “Thankyou senor.” They sat outside a dilapidated sunbleached building drinking coffee.

Wyman: “ It may not look much but this is nectar.” Looking across the desert through the clumps of cactus Maureen could see a dust cloud heading in their direction. She put her hand on Pablo’s arm.

Maureen: “ Pablo can you see that?” Indicating the car in the distance. ”You know most of the guides in this area, do you know who it is?” Pablo shielded his eyes and followed the progress of the dust cloud.

Pablo: “It’s possible senorita. But there are lots of these, big engines, six maybe eight litres, thin air, they need big lungs.” He laughed and looked again.” No I thought maybe Ortega but it’s not him.I think we go now it’s a long way to San Pedro where we meet with Professor Martinez.”

As they drove into the town it reminded Wyman of a scene from the wild west except there were hundreds of tourists. Pablo and the driver Jimenez had gone off in search of fuel.Wyman and Maureen wandered down the main street and found a shop with a particular display of pictures and idols.It was much cooler inside and the sound of the doorbell brought an attractive dark haired lady from a back room.

Maureen: “ Good afternoon we would like to see Professor Martinez if that is possible?”

The lady smiled and held out her hand.” I am Carla Martinez. I guess you are Maureen and Wyman?”

Moxey is speaking to Dennis.

Moxey: “ Aye Den, they sent us home and kept Chrissy in.”

Dennis: “ What about the tests Mox?”

Moxey: “ We’re ok ,it’s only Chrissy that has it, but they’re worried Den, that she might have some underlying problem.”

Dennis: “ How’s she holding up kiddah?”

Moxey: “ Not so well Den. She hasn’t been right for weeks you know and now she keeps asking about Wyman.”

Dennis: “ He’s still away in Chile according to Sarah.”

Moxey: “ Aye and we can’t contact him. I’m thinking he should be told y’kna ,just in case?”

Dennis: “ You make it sound serious Mox, I could have a word with Sarah if you want, she would know if Maureen had access to a satellite ‘phone?”

Moxey: “Thanks Den, we’re all worried sick. Have you lot been tested?”

Dennis: “ Yes, we got the all clear last week. Chris had arranged for everyone to be screened. We all came over to the New Castle and gave samples at the same time as the Amesec staff. Oz was the last one .”

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Wed Mar 25, 2020 11:48 pm

When they all go into lockdown, just imagine what a miserable git Nev's ganna be ! :( :lol:

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Mon Mar 30, 2020 4:38 pm

Beatrice is sat next to Moxey looking very sorry for herself.

Beatrice: “ How long will Chrissy be in hospital?”

Moxey: “ Not long pet. The nurse said a day or two for observation, y’kna just to keep an eye on her.”

Beatrice: “ Is she going to die?” She was close to tears and when Moxey saw her face he had great difficulty keeping his own feelings in check.

Moxey: “ You shouldn’t believe everything you see on tv Bea .There are lots of people sick at the moment and Chrissy is in the best place.” Bea was in tears now and sobbed openly.

Beatrice: “ But she is poorly ,I know she is. She told me.” Moxey was even more worried at this revelation.

Moxey: “ What do you mean Bea, she told you?”

Beatrice: “I heard her talking on the ‘phone one day and she started to cry. I asked her what was wrong and at first she wouldn’t tell me.”

Moxey: “ What did she tell you Bea?”

Beatrice: “She told me not to worry and not to say anything to you about her crying. So I said I wouldn’t.”

Moxey: “ When was this pet?”

Beatrice: “It was while you were away with the others.”

Moxey: “ This was before she went into hospital?”

Beatrice: “ Yes.”

Moxey: “ She never said anything but I thought something wasn’t right. Those weeks while she was in hospital you didn’t think I was worried. I know you promised pet but I wish you’d told me. ” Bea burst into tears again and Moxey felt his insides turn over.

Maureen and Wyman looked at each other and smiled.

Maureen: “ I’m sorry it may seem rude of us but Chris never said you were a professor.”

Carla: “Does he usually tell you everything, perhaps you were expecting an old Chilean academic?”

Wyman: “ It was our guide who told us you were a professor. Chris just said you were a friend who might be able to help us. I know Chris quite well and I’m sure he had no intention of embarrassing anyone.”

Carla: “ Oh really. I know him quite well too. How long have you known him?” Maureen looked at Wyman who was frowning. This was not going the way they’d expected.

Maureen: “ Can we start again Carla .We seem to have got off on the wrong foot?”

Carla: “ Very well. So Wyman how long have you known Chris?”

Wyman: “ A few years ,why do you ask?”

Carla: “ I had a call from the university. They forwarded me an email from CWN that warned I should be aware of fraudsters posing as friends of Chris Norris.”

Maureen: “ You think we are criminals?”

Carla: “ I have sent an email to Chris’s personal address asking for confirmation .”

Maureen: “ Very wise Carla ,however in the meantime have a look at this.” She passed her FBI id getting the expected response.

Carla: “ FBI ,I don’t understand?”

Maureen : “ Don’t worry, I will explain, and by the way Carla,Wyman is Chris’ brother. Same father different mothers . I’m surprised you didn’t know.”

While Maureen was waiting for a reply they heard the sound of a fax machine in the office next door.

Carla: “ Excuse me ,that may be my reply from CWN.” While she was out of the room Maureen whispered to Wyman.

Maureen: “ No prizes for guessing why she is so frosty?”

Wyman: “ If you think Barbara’s behind this then we should warn Chris.”

Carla returned holding a sheet of paper bearing their photos.

Carla: “ Sorry folks, but no one was more surprised than me to hear from Chris. I had assumed from the emails he sent me in the past he’d severed all ties with me and the university department.”

Maureen : “ What department would that be?”

Carla: “ Mining and Mineralogy. Chris and I met at university in the US.He was friends with my brother who is a mining engineer, and it was he who introduced us .We became friends. My brother worked for Chris off and on as a consultant. We kept in touch after university, I thought we might become more than friends, but….”

Wyman: “ Carla how long is it since you spoke to Chris?”

Carla: “ Must be getting on for a year or so, why?”

Wyman and Maureen exchanged looks.

Maureen: “ I would guess that you’ve been played Carla. We’ve all been played , including Chris.” She gave her an abbreviated account of the Chris and Barbara story.” So when we discovered what had happened we took appropriate steps and have been playing catch up ever since. With your permission I'ill contact Chris and let him know what you told us. I’m sure he will be in touch .”

Wyman: “ Is your brother still under contract to Chris?”

Carla: “I’m pretty sure it was cancelled months ago.”

Maureen: “ I’ll tell Chris. I think we are going to need your brothers help over the next few weeks.”

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by Tracy » Tue Mar 31, 2020 5:51 am

Carla Bubbles :lol:

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Re: Prospects Options Choices

Post by 936trt » Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:33 pm

Oz ,Den and Nev are waiting in the shed for Moxey.

Dennis: “ Pass us another beer kiddah. How long’s he going to be Nev?”

Oz: “ There you go Den.”

Neville: “No idea , he didn’t really talk to me ,he wanted to see if it was ok to bring Beatrice over so Pru could keep an eye on her .”

Dennis: “ But he did tell Pru why he was going?”

Neville: “ Yes, he said they told him the test results would be back in the morning .”

Dennis: “ What tests?”

Neville: “Pru said he didn’t know. He told her Chrissy never want to talk about it.”

Dennis: “ Then he was coming over here?”

Neville: “ Yes, but there was something on the news about travel restrictions this morning.”

Dennis: “ Aye ,I heard the same, only essential travel .A lot of businesses are going to be in trouble, it’s knocking seven bells out of the PCD work.”

Oz: “ Kenny Ames ‘phoned me earlier ,he’d heard that the worst of it was over. He’d been told there are more people immune than was reckoned.”

Dennis: “Y’ what , immune. I think I'm losing track of this?"

Oz: “ Don’t ask me to explain Den I’m just telling you what he said. He’s staying in that lodge with Vicky for the duration and said we should stay here since none of us have it .It’ll certainly solve the travel problem.Only if you want to of course.”

Neville: “ I’ll have a word with Pru.”

Dennis: “ Aye ,I’ll talk to Dagmar, it’ll make life easier for her, hang on here he comes, the wanderer returns.”

Oz: “ Now then Mox how’s the missus?”

Moxey: “ She’s not so good. They told me to go home. I was in the way they said. “

Neville: “ Did they say how long they would keep her in?”

Oz: “ Want a beer mate?”

Moxey: “ Thanks Oz .No they didn’t say. The test results came back positive for some kind of anaemia, so now there’ll be some more tests.”

Oz: “ More tests?”

Moxey: “ The consultant said it looks like it’s a rare type and they need to confirm it.”

Neville: “ Do they reckon this has been her underlying problem?”

Moxey: “ Yes, and they say if it’s what they think then she might not get over it.”

Tatiana looked at Nikki with a slight shake of her head.

Tatiana: “ Who do you think owns the business. I do. Do you have a problem with that?” Nikki detected a hardness creeping in to her voice.

Nikki: “Considering it was only some months ago you apparently had nothing and now you are the owner of a chain of beauty salons, sorry laboratories. I am curious ?”

Tatiana waved her hand as though swatting a fly.

Tatiana: “ In the right place at the right time you could say.”

Nikki: “ Others might be nasty and ask did the Chechen not have family or friends in his life?”

Tatiana: “ We were the only ones involved in this venture, a combination of his finance and my expertise.”

Nikki: “ So you had no involvement in the trafficking only in the proceeds?”

Tatiana: “ No. Now, I’ve told you enough. You have the pictures?”

Nikki: “ I have .These were taken at the beach during her birthday party celebrations. The other photographs are self explanatory .She is with her father.”

Tatiana: “ You have spoken to Barry?”

Nikki: “Yes but not about what I think you are about to ask.”

Tatiana: “ Do you think he would be amenable to a visit?”

Nikki: “ Most definitely not. Tatiana we discussed this before. He doesn’t trust you and I believe you should be honest with yourself. Do you believe Anna wants to see you after her kidnap and abduction?”

Tatiana: “ I could apply to the courts.”

Nikki: “ If I were your lawyer I would advise against that. Your husband’s legal team would have a field day. I suggest you do nothing and bide your time. So, what else can you tell me about the Chechen’s trafficking and what you know about this Kenny Brown?”

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