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The Kidnapping

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The Kidnapping

Post by Londongal1983 » Wed Oct 07, 2020 8:53 am

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Authors Note: I dont own anything, Franc Roddam owns it all! This story takes place in 1990 and this is set in an alternate universe if there were at least 2 or 3 more seasons of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet after season 2. I do apologise for anyone who is easily upset or offended about this story but there may be scenes of rape aftermath.

"Why do me and Angela have to get Summer jobs for they when there is only 2 weeks left before school finishes?" Kevin Patterson asked his sister Angela as their father Dennis arrived with a Coke, Big Mac and fries for Kevin and a 6 nugget meal for Angela.

"Because me and Christine need you two to earn your keep!" Dennis explained.

"Wow!" said Angela.

After they had talked awhile and finished their meals, Dennis watched as his two children started to study.

"Ah bollocks, I forgot my notes! I just have to run to Frank's." gasped Kevin getting up from their table.

"We'll come with you!" Dennis said getting up too.

"No, I'll be back at 7:30pm." yelled Kevin running out of McDonald's.

Kevin was just leaving his best friend Frank Jordan's house when Frank's father Len got home.

"Howay, Mr J." said Kevin hugging Len as he passed the older man at the door.

"Howay, Kevin lad, where are you ganning?" Len asked.

"Home," said Kevin. "Tell Frank I'll see him tomorrow."

"I will." Len called as Kevin ran out of his house.

"Where's Kevin? It's already been 15 minutes!" Dennis worried out loud.

"Calm doon, Dennis, the lad's only 5 minutes late." Dennis's partner Christine Chadwick pointed out.

"Well, I'm ganning to call that phone Simon got Kevin for his birthday." insisted Dennis as he did so and after 3 rings, Kevin answered his phone.

"Hello?" said Kevin on the other end of the phone.

"Kevin, it's Dad, where are you?" asked Dennis.

"Howay, I'm almost home, only like 2 or 3 blocks left." Kevin answered.

"Kevin, you did remember the notes, right?" asked Dennis seriously."

"Dad, you really think I'd..." There was a muffled yelp and the phone crashed to the ground.

"Kevin, KEVIN?!" yelled Dennis into the phone.

Kevin was walking down the pavement to the bus stop talking to Dennis on the phone Uncle Simon had gotten him for his birthday when suddenly, someone grabbed and pulled him backwards into a large Jaguar parked on the street.

"Don't scream or struggle and you won't be hurt!" an unrecognisable Scottish voice whispered in his ear.
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Re: The Kidnapping

Post by Londongal1983 » Wed Oct 07, 2020 9:17 am

Chapter 2: Finding Out

"Kevin, hang on!" gasped Dennis hanging up the phone, grabbing his bag and heading out the door with Christine at his heels asking "Dennis, what's ganning on, what's wrong, is Kevin alreet?"

In a matter of minutes, Dennis and his friend Leonard 'Oz' Osborne found Kevin's books, notes and phone on the pavement.

"Hell's bollocks, there's tire marks!" Dennis noted out loud.

"Where?" Oz asked looking around.

"Right there on the street." Dennis answered pointing them out.

5 minutes passed and Oz and Dennis arrived back at Dennis and Christine's house where Christine asked "Well, boys, where's Kevin?"

"Nae idea, we don't really know, meber we should get, sit down and we'll tell you everything." Oz said calmly.

A few minutes passed and Christine with both arms around Dennis and Angela.

"Should someone call the police?" asked a shocked Angela.

"Aye, that would be a canny idea." Oz answered.

"My son..." Dennis began to sob.

Elsewhere, Kevin was sleeping soundly on the carpeted floor when suddenly, an ear spliting crash woke him. He got up and looked around. It had grey cement walls and black carpeted foors.

"Where the hell am I?" Kevin asked himself. "This is weird!" Out of no where, Kevin heard the door behind him and slowly turned around.

"HELL'S ARSEHOLE, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" Kevin asked a dark haired handsome man of average height and a taller man with a ginger beard.
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Re: The Kidnapping

Post by Londongal1983 » Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:27 am

Chapter 3- Falling

Neville Hope was just about to arrive at Dennis and Christine's house with Barry Taylor and Wayne Norris when Barry's van rounded the last corner and they saw police cars nearby.

"Finally, they put Mrs. Barma in the hospital!" Neville said about his gaffer's next door neighbour with relief. The van past a couple more houses and realized that the flashing lights were in front of Dennis and Christine's house. Barry pulled outside thinking of the worst. The second the three of them got out of the van, Wayne flung open the front door and almost ran into Oz on their way into the kitchen.

"What are you doing here? What happened? Did anyone get hurt or anything?" The questions just spilled out of them.

"OK, I'll fill you in on what happened..." Oz answered with a worried look on his face.

"Well, well, well, who do we have here?!" a smooth warm rich Scottish voice said as who Kevin guessed was his head kidnapper coming up to Kevin and grabbing his left arm.

"Don't touch me!" Kevin snarled backing away.

"Baz, get yourself in here." the man who Kevin guessed was Ally Fraser shouted towards the door.

The largest of the men had arrived when Kevin spoke up "Why can't you just leave me alone?"

"Sorry, kidda, nae can do!" said Big Baz.

"Well?!" Ally asked angrily.

"Well what, Mr Fraser?" asked Big Baz sounding and looking rather shocked.

"What's the meaning of this?" Ally snarled gesturing his head towards Kevin.

"The meaning of what?" Big Baz asked in a confused sort of way.

"What I'm trying to tell you is that you and Callum captured the wrong generation of Patterson," stated Ally. "I wanted Dennis Patterson, NOT THAT TEENAGE MORON HE CALLS A SON!"

"You want me to send the bugger back, Mr Fraser?" Big Baz asked.

"No, Baz, I'm using the boy as bait to trap his father and the rest of the so-called Magnificent Seven." Ally said as he and Big Baz left the room locking the door behind them. A few minutes later, Kevin flopped back down on the floor drifting into an uneasey sleep dreaming of either playing for Newcastle United, rocking out with Def Leppard or fighting a clan of ninjas with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

"... Alreet, Dennis's lad Kevin was kidnapped about an hour ago, Dennis was talking on the phone with him when it happened so that's why you boys are here but nae bugger has any idea who did it or where he is!" Christine explained. Wayne, Barry and Neville all looked over at Oz who was holding Dennis in his arms who was shaking and sobbing with his eyes closed. There was a police officer sitting next to them questioning then but Oz was the only one able to answer.

"How could this happen to us, I mean why Dennis's lad?" Oz asked the question that the others were asking themselves.

"I don't know." Wayne answered quietly.

Kevin woke up yet again with a start as he looked around the samll room. There was a brown kitchen chair, 6 wood boxes, a window, a locked door and some rope. Kevin suddenly felt a shocking hope flow through him.

Why don't I just escape through the window? Kevin asked himself smiling. In a matter of minutes, he had the heavy boxes on top of the chair and was climbing up. He tried the window which was locked. He climbed down and looked up at the tiny window.

"I'll have to break through it!" He told himself looking at the chair and within a few minutes, he took the boxes off the chair and piled up the boxes again on the floor. Carefully, he climbed up the pile with the chair in one hand, got to the top and hit the window with all his strength, the force made him fall off the boxes backwards.
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Re: The Kidnapping

Post by Londongal1983 » Sat Oct 10, 2020 8:25 am

Chapter 4- Scratches

"Hey, Oz, can I talk to yous?" Albert Moxey asked as he found Oz sitting in Dennis and Christine's back garden.

"Aye." said an unusually worried Oz.

"Well, I, um, you know, um, I think, er, who might have Dennis's lad!" Moxey spat out.

"Hell's bollocks, Moxey," Oz gasped as if he wanted to punch Moxey in the mouth. "Then you might as well tell Dennis that."

"Oz, that won't work, for one, I'm not a criminal psychologist." Moxey said calmly.

"Bollocks to you then." snarled Oz storming back inside.

Elsewhere, Kevin fell to the ground with a sickly thud, an intence pain shoot up and down his right arm where the chair had hit.

"How did I fall?" a shocked Kevin asked himself as he tried to sit up but gave up becuase of the pain. "For Christ's sake, did I break it? No, I couldnt have broke it wasnt that high up!" He lay there for a couple more minutes denying himself of the truth. "Who am I trying to kid, I broke my arm. I'm even smart enough to figure that out, without Dad telling me!" Bowing his head, he started sighing.

At his and Christine's house, Dennis woke up on his son's bed which he had know memory of being on. Dennis had had an unordinary dream, he had dreamt of a locked grey door which flung open and in the middle of the floor was Kevin who was clutching his right arm. Dennis felt a tear roll down his cheek suddenly knowing it was true. He wiped the tear away and went to find Angela because she knew he was the only one who could help. Dennis found his daughter laying on her bed looking at the ceiling in her room.

"Angela, can I talk to you, pet?" Dennis asked.

"Aye, Dad, what's up?" Angela said trying hard to smile. Kevin told Angela about his mysterious dream and how this may be their answer.

"I know that was real, it has to be." said Dennis sadly.

"Don't worry, Dad. If anyone can find Kevin, it's you and your team." Angela said as she hugged Dennis and left the house.

Elsewhere, Kevin was still laying on the ground thinking of Dennis when he heard the key turn in the lock. He tried to sit up again clenching his teeth in pain but this time succeeding. He watched as Big Baz walked over to him.

"Mr Fraser, the Patterson lad's hurt." Big Baz yelled to the door.

"NO!" Kevin's voice shook as he said it.

"You silly boy, you've probably injured your arm, you need medical help." Ally said and with those words, Kevin, for the first time, looked down at his right arm. As he looked at it, he started to cry from shock and pain. "Calm down, for God's sake, it's just a scratch."
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Re: The Kidnapping

Post by Londongal1983 » Mon Oct 12, 2020 5:56 pm

Chapter 5- More Trouble

Within minutes, Dennis got into his camper van, picked the others up and they went off to rescue Kevin.

"Dennis, slow down, you're going to kill someone." Brian 'Bomber' Busridge yelled.

"Sorry, I just can't bare the thought that my 17 year old son is hurt and needs help!" Dennis sighed as he slowed down.

"Dennis man, you're a better father to ya bairns than I ever was to my lad." Oz said patting Dennis's arm as he looked out the window.

"I kna and thats all I'll ever be..." Dennis said not know he said it out loud.

"For God's sake, this is what happens when some bloody teenager tries to escape." Callum told Ally as the latter tended to Kevin's right arm.

"Shut up, it's not a bloody scratch, are you blind?" Kevin wailed.

"What did you just say?" Ally hissed at Kevin.

"You heard me or are you deaf now too?" Kevin growled as Ally and Callum left the room locking it behind them.

As she saw a black Mercedes Benz pull up outside her house, Norma Patterson saw two men stepping out and walking to her house so she decided to open the door to them.

"Hello, Norma," purred Ally stroking Norma's left cheek as he and Callum entered her house. "Remember me?"

Norma slapped Ally for this as he and Callum decided to make themselves at home in her lounge.

"Ally Fraser," Norma said with anger in her voice. "What are you doing?"

"I'm visiting and I was recently released from Durham Prison before you say anything else," Ally replied. "I forgot to introduce my cousin Callum McAlister."

"Hello, Callum," said Norma. "Nice to meet you now the pair of you GET OUT OF MY HOUSE."

"No can do, lady," Callum said. "The next pair of tits who sets foot in this place gets some of this."

Norma watched in disgust and embarrassment as Callum rubbed his groin and as he did so, Angela entered her aunt's house to do the usual cleaning and after the girl was done, she was shocked to find Ally and Callum in the living room.

"Oh my God, man," gasped Angela at the sight of Callum. "You're that Scottish sex maniac Callum McAlister."

"Yep, that's me," said Callum turning from Angela to Norma. "How much to spend a couple of hours with the girl?"

"Leave my niece alone." Norma said. Instead, Callum ignored her, grabbed Angela's arm, hauled her upstairs, dragged her into the bedroom and threw her on the bed.

"You bastard!" Angela screamed as she tried get Callum off her.

"Sorry, I dIdn't want it to come to this!" Callum said.

"Come to what? You letting my big brother go!" asked Angela, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"Not really, I mean this..." said Callum pinning Angela on her aunt's bed with his weight. Angela screamed from the pain as Callum pulled the pink tank top she wearing off her."

"Get off of me, you sick bastard." Angela screamed trying to push Callum off.

"Sorry, princess, you're not going anywhere." laughed Callum as Angela was screaming, clawing and kicking, trying anything to get him off of her.

"LET ME GO." screamed Angela trying to stop Callum from touching her anymore.

Ok, if you don't want to enjoy this then I'll never tell you where my cousin Ally's got your brother." said Callum smiling as he got undressed.

"Please just leave me alone and tell me where Mr Fraser's got my brother." Angela pleaded as Callum got her undressed.
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Re: The Kidnapping

Post by Londongal1983 » Fri Oct 16, 2020 7:14 am

Chapter 6- Poor Angela

At least 3 hours later, Angela curled up sobbing on her aunt Norma's bed that he had woken up as Callum left the room. She felt dirty, worthless, violated as she curled up into a ball pulling her knees in close to her chest and wrapping her arms around them all the while crying like she hadn't since she was a little kid.

When she had come around after loosing consciousness as a result of Callum's assault on her, she had found herself stretched out on this bed and found her clothes neatly piled up on a nearby table but before she could retrieve them, Callum had come in, also wearing nothing in the way of clothing. It was then that Angela knew that she was in deeper trouble than he had previously believed.

What had transpired in the following two hours was an experience that Angela could only describe as pure hell. Callum had viscously launched a sexual assault on her when she had fought back to stop the horrific violation of her person and the rape that he committed on her had been just that little bit more viscous.

Now Callum had apparently satisfied himself and left the room leaving Angela behind, a shaking sobbing humiliated wreck. I'm sorry, Dad, Angela thought as she hugged herself and sobbed imagining what her father would say if he could see her now and her inability to stop Callum. I tried to stop him but he was too strong for me.

Angela tried to pull herself together to stop crying like a little baby. It was stupid, pathetic and weak and she wasn't keen on showing weakness. But try as she might, she could not stop. She was hurting too much both physically and mentally. If anything, the attempt to pull herself together just made him cry more strongly.

Continuing to hug herself, Angela cried herself to sleep.

A short time later, Dennis pulled outside Norma's house and she answered when he saw Ally in her living room much to his shock.

"Is Angela in?" Dennis asked as he rushed upstairs with Frank Jordan in tow.

"She's upstairs with Ally's pervert of a cousin." Norma said angry with herself for not being able to go to her own bedroom to stop whatever Callum did to Angela.

"Hell's bollocks." Frank yelled as he and Dennis dashed upstairs.

As he got upstairs, Frank opened the door to the room Angela was being kept in and went inside. He was shocked to see Angela naked and lying on the bed as Callum had just finished getting dressed after having a shower to ease the pain from the bruises Angela had inflicted on him during his attempt to stop his fun. Frank contemplated gently waking Angela up but in the end, he kissed her on the mouth and she woke up.

"Frank?" Angela asked as she sat on the bed and hugged him. "Thank God it's you and not Callum."

"Who's Callum?" Frank asked as he turned to the door.

"Callum McAlister is Ally Fraser's sex pest of a cousin," replied Dennis. "That punk's got a couple of sexual assault charges against him."

Sometime later, Angela explained to Dennis and Frank that Ally Fraser had Kevin prisoner in a shack in Sunderland so he got into the camper van with the others and drove off.

As Frank got her home, she rushed to her bedroom and a sob escaped her lips as she curled up into a foetal position hugging herself trying to steal herself against the unwelcome intrusion of memory.

After what seemed like an eternity, the flashback ended but Angela remained where she was quietly hugging herself sobbing and shaking with reaction. I need to tell someone, thought Angela. I can't keep it in for the rest of my life.

Slowly, she managed to pull herself back together and uncurled herself before scanning the room she had been sleeping in for the past two years. The walls were pink which was her favourite colour room, there were windows near her posters of Johnny Depp, Rick Astley and Jason Donovan, her chest of draws and her wardrobe.

Carefully, Angela first sat on her bed then stood up; only just managing to surpress a groan as her abused body protested the movement. Her face a mask of determination, Angela ignored the pain and moved over to the wardrobe and grabbed her denim jacket before returning to the bed and getting dressed again.

As soon as she was dressed again, Angela retrieved her boots from under the bed and put them on before again standing up and once again determinedly ignoring the pain in her body moving across the room. This time till she went into the living room where Christine was talking to Detective Superintendent Peter Highway and his nephew Detective Sergeant Scott Conner about what Callum had done to her. Then she carefully decided to speak up.

Ignoring the pain plaguing her body, Angela walked over to the couch and sat by Scott as she said "Excuse me, Superintendent."

"May I help you, young lady?" Superintendent Highway asked.

Elsewhere, Kevin picked up a folded down chair and headed over to the door to wait. A grim smile appeared on his face as he heard footsteps approaching the room where he was being kept. He moved quietly to the side where the opening door would shield him from his captor's sight until the last possible moment when it would be too late.

For a moment, the footsteps stopped and then there came the sound of a lock being turned and then the door started to open. Kevin readied the chair as the door opened and waited until his captor completely entered the room before swinging the chair at the back of Callum's head with all his strength, or with what strength he could muster.

Callum hearing the movement started to turn away but it was too late. The thick plastic of the seat smashed into the back of his head with a resounding crash. Callum crumpled to the ground unconscious like a marionette whose strings had been cut.

Kevin dropped the chair letting it fall to the ground with a loud crash. For a moment, he stood there looking down on the unconscious form who'd abducted him and for a second thought about doing more than knocking him unconscious. Realising what he was considering, Kevin shuddered in revulsion and turned away from Callum and ran out of the room until he ran into Big Baz who had found Callum and had reported it to Ally who had entered the room.

"What in God's name happened?" Ally demanded furiously.

"I'll tell ya what happened, your 33 year old pervert of a cousin raped my 15 year old sister." Kevin told Ally who gestured for Big Baz to get Callum out of the room not knowing or caring how long Callum was going to be unconscious so he wanted to get as far away from here as possible, as quickly as possible, before his sister's rapist woke up.

Twenty minutes later, Callum groaned as he regained consciousness to a dull throbbing ache at the back of his skull. Awkwardly, he climbed back to his feet and swayed drunkenly for a moment before regaining his balance.

Then when he was sure that he could move without falling over, Callum began looking around for any sign of the teenage sod who attacked him but there was no sign of him anywhere in this hideout the boy was gone.

Callum sighed wincing at the pain at the back of his skull as Ally went to give Kevin a good telling off.
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Re: The Kidnapping

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sat Oct 24, 2020 7:18 am

Oh no, poor Angela
Oi oi, what's the word then

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