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A Concerted Effort

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Sat Aug 28, 2021 5:26 pm

Moxey and Morag are chatting over a meal on their flight back to the UK.

Moxey :” You’re right of course ,it is a great place , and you know it better than me anyway.” She laughed and smiled at him.

Morag :” If it hadn’t been for the estate maybe we would never have met ,have you thought about that?” Moxey hadn’t and he detected a change in her attitude.

Moxey :’I’ve wondered about it, yes ,do you think it’s fate ?” Morag frowned.

Morag :”That’s a queer thing to say Moxey. You didn’t say anything like that last night!” Moxey realised he’d made a schoolboy error.He reached across and took her hand.

Moxey :” This is serious for me pet.You are the main thing in my life right now ,so naturally I wonder about how it came to be.” Morag felt ashamed she’d been so abrupt when the man sat opposite was so transparently open.

Morag :”I didn’t mean to sound bitchy love ,it just came out the wrong way.Let’s start again.Are you checking in with Guy before we go to Wooler?”

Moxey :”I thought I should. Why?”

Morag:”I’m not sure how your friends will react if I’m with you?”

Moxey :” Don’t be daft, they’re not a bad bunch and I’ve put up with them for years!”

Morag :” After we finish exchanging documents at the solicitors what have you planned?”

Moxey :” That depends on how much sleep I get .I’m knackered already and this flight will be the neck end of fourteen hours.”

Morag :” Is that a gentle hint?” Moxey’s mouth fell open and Morag laughed like a drain.” I didn’t mean anything ,honest.What ,if anything have you organised ?” Moxey gave her a puzzled look.

Morag :” See ,we will have to finalise our accommodation arrangements, where do we stay and so on and so forth.”

Moxey :” Well I hadn't even thought about that, but right now I'm thinking I’d like you to come to Cuba, you did say you’d like to see the place.You wouldn’t be alone I’m pretty sure Dagmar will be going.”She was shaking her head and looking directly at him.

Morag :” That’s not at the top of my list Moxey. Tell me ,why do you want me to go?” Moxey closed his eyes and took her hand again.

Moxey :” You just want me to say it again .Don’t you.Well just this once I will ,but don’t make this a habit .I need you ,I want you and I think I even like you ,that’s a good start ,isn’t it?”

Morag :” Perfect.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Sun Aug 29, 2021 5:43 am

Oh Jaysus, Moxey is turning into a right soppy git ! :oops: :lol:

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Thu Sep 02, 2021 10:34 am

Oz has cornered Nev in the garden.

Oz :” Nev mate, I need your advice about the naming ceremony.”

Neville :” I thought there must be something the way you've followed me out here. You mean the christening?”

Oz :” That’s what I said but then what would I know. Anyway I’ve been corrected and I’m not going to argue.I’m worried about the journey.”

Neville :” You’ve lost me Oz, what’s the problem and what journey?”

Oz :” The bairn’s been sick every day since we got here and I’m worried about taking him on another long journey.”

Neville :” What long journey?”

Oz :” Keep up Nev. The journey to Southend. Sara’s Auntie has organised it.”

Neville :”I didn’t know anything about ours. Pru organised it all. Why don’t you ask her?”

Oz :”Aye .Good idea Nev. By the way have you seen anything of Den today?”

Neville :”Nah. Hey I’ve just had an idea .Why not do it here?”

Oz :” What?”

Neville :”The naming ceremony ,do it here.What’s he going to be called?”

Oz :” That’s a great idea .I’ll run it past Sara straight away. Oh I said Brian is a good name for a lad. It was Bombers first name as well.”

Oz went back into the house and Nev could hear voices ,one of which he recognised as Pru’s. He knew she would be at the sand pit as they called it.It was a pile of sand and gravel left by the builders sacked by big Baz when he found the mess they’d made of the repairs after the vandalism. Pru was stood holding the twins ,one in each hand.

Neville :”Hello you lot, having fun?” Nev found himself frowning at the scene of his family posed in this way.” Dear me, you’ll be going to school before long.” Pru looked at him, puzzled.

Pru :” Daddy is being silly today isn’t he boys?”Neville rubbed his face vigorously with both hands.

Neville :”Oz is beginning to panic about the christening and needs some advice .I suggested you might be able to help.”

Pru :”Thank you for that Neville. I assumed we would all be off to Southend?”

Neville :” Why would we all want to go there?”

Pru :”Sara’s Auntie Pauline is a minister in the village nearby where Sara grew up.”

Neville :”Oh. I take it this is all on a need to know basis?”

Pru :” Hello Neville . No, it’s not. I told you this before we came up here.”

Neville :” Oh. Is the bairn really to be called Brian?”

Pru :” What exactly does Oz want to know?”

Neville :” He’s thinking it would be better for the little lad to avoid another long journey.He’s been sick a lot since they came , so I said why don’t they do the thing here. He said he would run it past Sara straight away.”

Pru :”Have you seen Dennis this morning?”

Neville :” No.What’s that got to do with the christening?”

Pru :”Dagmar is really worried .She wants him to get some medical advice.The new pills don’t agree with him and he’s been very down these last few days.”

Neville :’Aye, he didn’t seem very lively when I spoke with him the other day.In fact he wasn’t at all excited about another trip to Cuba.”

Pru :”That’s another thing Dagmar said, when they were talking about Cuba Dennis reckoned he’d already had his last gig.”

Naomi Hedges cut short her visit to Hong Kong and let Barry know she was leaving immediately for Barcelona .She promised to be with him asap after receiving his message about the blackmail threat.

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Sun Sep 05, 2021 11:54 am

Barry was waiting for Naomi, she had insisted he did not go to Arrivals but stayed in the car. He saw her flight coming in to land and looked at his watch just as the car window shattered.The driver must be dead Barry thought, there was so much blood.Sirens were going off and Barry was frozen stiff in his seat.He was still in shock later in the police station. Naomi was waiting for him when the police finished their questioning.She looked very pale and ran toward him.

Naomi :”Barry ,you daft bugger ,what have you been up to?”

Barry :” What have I been up to?”

Naomi :” You texted me at the airport to say you were running late due to a traffic accident.”

Barry :”No pet, not guilty., I didn’t text you.We seem to be fated at airports, like that time in New Zealand. Someone is playing silly buggers and it’s not me.We should ditch our ‘phones.”

Naomi :” You think…?”

Barry :”Yes I do. I suppose I should have realised it wasn’t just my computer those bastards got into ! Anyway petal, you’re here and you’re okay. Let’s go for a drink. Did I tell you the lads are all in the UK?”

Oz and Nev had gone to Den’s rooms after hearing from Dagmar that he was not well.

Oz :”So is he receiving guests Dagmar?” This said loud enough for Den to hear through the bedroom walls. They could hear him cursing as Dagmar opened the door.

Den :”No,I’m not receiving guests ,especially you Oz.What does a fella have to do to get a bit of peace round here?”Dagmar was laughing.

Dagmar :” That sounds more like the Dennis I know.Go on in both of you.I’ll make tea and coffee.”

Nev was shocked when he saw Den .Pale and gaunt about the face, and noticeably his very thin and wrinkled arm raised in greeting .

Oz :” Dennis what are you doing, still in your pit at this time of day?”

Dennis :”Sod off Oz ,I’m not well. The doctor said I needed bed rest.”

Neville :’ We heard that the new pills had knocked you for six but is this more to do with the gunshot wound?”

Dennis :”Yes to both questions. Now what are you two after?”

Oz :” Howay Den, we’re just worried about you man. We didn’t come all this way just for you to take to your bed. I was sure you’d be up for a trip into the toon?”

Dennis :” Oz I couldn’t give a monkeys. I feel like shit and just want a bit of peace and quiet. Thanks for coming now just bugger off.”He laid down and pulled the sheets over his head. Nev and Oz looked at each other and left without saying another word.They joined Dagmar in the kitchen where she had tea and coffee waiting. She looked from one to the other.

Dagmar :”Well boys, what do you think?”

Oz :”He’s definitely poorly pet.

Neville :”I don’t like his colour, he looks really washed out.”

Dagmar :” I don’t think he has been well since his medication was changed.”

Oz :” That was weeks ago though.”

Dagmar :” I know.”

Neville :” That was about the time that…..” He stopped talking and was gazing off into space.Oz and Dagmar looked at each other.

Oz :“ We’ll need a bit more than that to understand what you’re getting at Nev.”

Neville :” You know just after we heard about Sara Victoria, Tatiana was taken ill and the Convent medical advisor said she’d been poisoned.”

Oz :” So what Nev, where are you going with this?”

Neville :” Did Fredo investigate it, I mean do we know how the poison was given to her .It was only afterwards that one of the medics found it was like what happened to Chrissy.”

Dagmar :”Neville are you thinking that Dennis has been poisoned?”

Neville :” I don’t know I’m just trying to understand.” Dagmar was already ‘phoning the surgery.

Much later Nev was being congratulated for his detective work.

Oz :” Mind Nev you have to give some credit to Fredo though but. Once he’d cottoned on to what you were saying he was all over the cctv at the A and E where Den had been treated.”

Neville :”I don’t know if they found anything they can use though?”

Oz :” I don’t know either but when he found out that Nikki Myles is in a bad way as well it was all systems go .”

Neville :” I did say at the time I thought it was a bad idea to stir the shit with that Barbara Hunt.At least they’re treating Nikki now they know what it is .”

Oz :” I’d like to get my hands round her scrawny throat.”

Neville :” Howay Oz, then you’d be behind bars. Let the fuzz deal with her.”

Oz :’ Aye you could be right .Oh I had a call from Moxey. He’s up at Guy’s place in Scotland and is asking how we all are .So I told him about Barry and Den.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Sun Sep 12, 2021 1:14 pm

Moxey and Morag arrived at Kenny’s place in Wooler , Morag stopping the car in the drive outside what she described as an imposing pile. They both got out to stretch their legs.

Morag :” Not bad time from Bonny Scotland eh?”

Moxey :”Very good pet.Can you hear that noise?”

Morag :” What you can hear is children laughing dear. It’s coming from over there .Behind those trees.” In fact it was the twins throwing sand at everyone and joining in the party to celebrate Dennis’s rapid recovery. Neville spotted them both walking over and shouted.

Neville :” Now then you two, we’re celebrating Dennis coming back this morning after a good flushing out.” Dagmar started laughing ,shaking her head.

Dagmar :” You make it sound almost lavatorial Neville.Hello Moxey ,you must introduce us to your companion.It’s Morag isn’t it?”

A few minutes later they had to rush indoors to avoid a classic heavy shower, but managed to maintain the light hearted atmosphere .

Pru :” I can’t think of the last time we had this much fun, we usually seem to attract trouble wherever we are.”

Dagmar :” Morag, I hear you’ve been to the Sonora lodges?”

Morag :” Yes we have, Moxey had a meeting with Chris .It was very swish ,the scenery is amazing.”

Dagmar :” We all had to hide out there once. Moxey probably told you about it. Barry arranged for body doubles to take our place while the bad guys were flushed out and captured.” Morag looked mystified until Moxey explained.

Oz :’ Oh by the way everyone ,Sara just texted me ,Naomi has arrived at the new hq and asks if Pru and Dagmar could contact Amesec. No rest for the wicked eh?” Oz walked over to where Den was tackling one of the barbecued sausages. “ Why lad ,your appetite seems to have come back?”

Dennis :”You know Oz I haven’t felt this good for ages.I’d like to get my hands round that woman’s neck as well. Fredo reckoned he had a line on her whereabouts.”

Oz :’ How’d you know that?”

Dennis :” He let Pru know the last time she spoke to him.They think she’s been hiding in a camper van. She’s able to get around and nobody looks twice.”

Oz :”He didn’t say she knew where we were did he?”

Dennis :”Nah, anyway Sara told Pru that Chris’s guys are all over her case, more so since her recent activity.”

Oz :” I expect Chris has a list of questions for her and I bet the Stille’s will be at the top.”

Chris is talking to Kenny Brown.

Chris :” You’re absolutely sure about this Chris?”

Kenny :” If Jo says he’s seen her then she’s there.You’ve never questioned him before,I don’t get it Chris?”

Chris :” There’s a lot riding on this Kenny, we’d always assumed we’d capture her and ask questions but now…..”

Kenny :”She’s certainly the slippiest customer we’ve had to deal with and there could have been a much bigger body count. What do you want to do boss?”

Chris :” No one has been able to contain her, she is so well connected everywhere including Europol. You can try to take her alive but ......” Chris was shaking his head.

Kenny :” I’ve worked for you a long time .You know I’m not averse to wet work but this,I’m not sure about.” Chris smiled at Kenny’s discomfort.

Chris :” I had a call from Solly last night.He’s been looking into the question of Klaus and Jurgen and is pretty sure she was behind them turning up in Israel.”

Kenny :”But wasn't it them who employed her in the first place ?”Chris laughed .

Chris :” I’m not entirely sure they’re still in Israel ,but yes that was my understanding as well.Anyway we’re not the only ones with an interest in stopping her, Solly’s friends have her in their sights too.”

Jo calls Kenny Brown from a caravan park near Marbella.

Jo :”Kenny I have to tell you that guy has come back.”

Kenny :”You mean the one I told you not to mention over the ‘phone?”

Jo :” Yes. He was here this morning but didn’t stay long.”

Kenny :”Has he brought anything with him?”

Jo :” He left his car at the site office and was carrying a newspaper, just a few minutes ago.
Maybe she’s cooking him lunch?”

Kenny :” I don’t see her as the domesticated type Jo.”

Jo :” Hold it. He’s leaving, he’s heading back to the car.”

Kenny :” Keep your eyes on her……..” The call was interrupted by a loud noise.”Jo. Jo, what’s going on?”

Jo :” The camper van has just exploded. Our Scottish friend has driven off.This was no accident.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Fri Sep 17, 2021 7:32 am

Good heavens above ! :D

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Fri Sep 17, 2021 12:09 pm

Chris is talking directly to Jo.

Chris :”You’re saying the local police cleared the site yesterday?”

Jo :”They arrived as the fire was put out and spent half an hour picking over the debris.”

Chris :” Nothing special for them then?”

Jo :”I overheard some of the chat.It’s being treated as an accident, probably put down to a faulty gas cylinder.”

Chris :”The occupants?”

Jo :”Only one occupant.Thought to be UK citizen from the very approximate site records .Aged thirty to forty and apparently single.Booked the site for six weeks from her arrival three weeks ago.”

Chris :”I take it inspector Fredo has been informed?”

Jo :” Yeah.Kenny called him when the excitement died down.”

Chris :”I will pass on the good news to our colleagues in Scotland.”

Oz had slept badly, which was unusual for him.He awakened quickly from a dream, more of a nightmare which had dogged him for some days. It was more than unpleasant and grew worse as he realised he’d continued pushing the idea to the back of his mind all week.In his dream Ofelia now wife to Benito Ramirez, is running toward him knife in hand.She stabs him, then Sara and makes to stab the bairn.He wakes up sweating.

Pru has ‘phoned Amesec on Sara’s advice and soon realises there was no pressing problem so asked to be transferred to Sara Osbourne.

Pru :”Hello Sara.How are you. I’ve just touched base with Amesec?”

Sara :”Hi Pru.I have a favour to ask of you, as I'm not sure how long you’ll be away.”

Pru :”Am I correct in assuming there is an element of subterfuge in the request to contact Amesec?”

Sara :”Yes.I know this line is ok I checked it myself.I’m almost certain there is a problem at Wooler, more of that later. Pru I’m worried about Oz.” This remark took Pru completely by surprise.

Pru :” Sara what do you want me to do?”

Sara :” Thank you in advance and for not giving me the third degree. To elaborate .I came across a crumpled envelope in our rubbish.It came to my attention because it was lilac coloured.Also ,it had a Cuba postmark. I happen to know the Cuban postal service ceased international deliveries after Covid started last year.”

Pru :”You have my attention my dear.”

Sara :”After Oz’s divorce, a settlement was agreed to the benefit of Sofie, Sofie Ramirez that is.”

Pru :” You’re not saying Ofelia is after more money?”Sara laughed .

Sara :” I’m not sure about that but I am sure Oz is worried about something.He hasn’t been sleeping well recently.So I’ve been wondering if this impending trip to Cuba holds some significance.”

Pru :” I take it you asked him the question?” Sara snorted.

Sara :”Of course and naturally he denied there was a problem, but I can tell something's not right.”

Pru :” If the letter isn’t bona fide Cuban then who would invent such a thing?”

Sara :” My thoughts exactly and I plumped for that damned Hunt woman, but then I heard from Hilary just now that our problems in that area are no more.”

Pru :” What do you mean?”

Sara :”You obviously haven’t heard.Someone blew up her camper van with her in it.”

Pru :” i must tell the others but first explain what you want me to do.”

Big Baz hears his mobile but didn’t recognise the number.

Baz :” Hello.”The voice he hears is familiar.
“ Don’t say my name. Just listen.You’re all in danger and must get out of there as quickly as you can.Don’t panic Baz ,but you’re being watched.The vandalism a few weeks back was an excuse to install surveillance on the site.Go anywhere you’ve never been before about ten to twenty miles from the house.I’ll be in touch.That bitch set up a rolling contract on your friends and I guess it’s already started. ” The line went dead. Baz shouted down the ‘phone.” That’s excellent ,yes we can come straight away.Thanks very much.I’ll let everyone know.”
Dennis heard this exchange and wandered over. Baz was talking to the twins.

Baz :” Did I tell you where I saw those elves ,come with me?”He beckoned to Nev and Pru who exchanged glances and followed.Once out of sight and earshot of the house Baz explained the telephone call and why they must leave quickly.” No.No luggage, that would definitely give the game away.” Within a few minutes two cars were heading north from Wooler.

Christian Norris responded to a telephone request from an unexpected quarter. A helicopter contracted to CWN left Newcastle airport within two minutes of his call. Kenny Brown advised the pilot this was a personal favour for mister Norris because Kurt was elsewhere. He was to fly to a private airfield near a place called Coldstream and ensure that the group waiting there was then taken to a particular beach on the North East coast ,co ordinates following shortly. Baz received further instructions involving a trip from said beach by tour bus to the marina at Tynemouth where the Nomad would be waiting.The captain was a little worried as he had been told to leave with or without mister Dobrovich, cutting short the schedule of meetings with their Scottish business associates.

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