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A Concerted Effort

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Sat Jan 16, 2021 9:34 pm

Time sensitive ? Hadaway and bollocks !

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:03 pm

Neville and Pru are watching tv after settling the twins for the night. Pru looks at Neville who is engrossed in a story about penguins.

Pru: “Neville, do you remember our field trip down the coast of Cuba?” Neville glanced at Pru his brow furrowed.

Neville: “I do but what’s that got to do with the plight of the penguins?”

Pru: “ Stuff the bloody penguins Neville, just bear with me on this.” Nev is clearly surprised at this response.

Neville: “ I do remember pet, but why are you asking?”

Pru: “ Were you happy then?” Neville was really worried at the way the questioning was going.

Neville: “Of course I was pet, you know I was. Why do you ask?”

Pru: “You don’t seem happy now, your focus is on who knows what and I wonder what became of the outward looking Neville I chose to spend my life with ALL THOSE YEARS AGO! “ Neville jumped when she raised her voice. He was lost for words.

Barry is about to leave Den and Dagmar’s.

Barry: “ You’ve both been very good to Anna through all this hassle but it’s set me to thinking I must regularise my situation . Since the business has taken off I’m travelling more and more. I thought taking on extra staff would help but really it hasn’t .I must be there for Anna even more so now, she’ll be a young woman soon.” Dagmar was smiling at Barry.

Dagmar: “She is a very level headed and confident young lady Barry, but I take your point, she needs to have you at hand and to be able to see her future with you in it.”

Dennis: “ Can’t you just relocate your head quarters kiddo?”

Barry: “ Den, that’s exactly what I was saying earlier to Hazel.”

Oz and Sarah are discussing the revelation about Debbie’s problem.

Sarah: “ Did Neville not say anything when you spoke the other day?”

Oz: “ No, not a word and I reckon Den didn’t know anything either. Detlef probably thought Den had enough to worry about.”

Sarah: “ It looks like we’re all under siege. I was talking to Hilary earlier about the measures recommended by Kenny and he asked if we had considered moving.”

Oz: “ Does he know something we don’t?”

Sarah: “ Quite possibly but I don’t know him well enough to question him like I would have with Greig. Yet. Anyway have you thought any more on that subject?”

Oz: “ Sarah bonny lass, I’m worried we do something we regret later. There’s you and the bairn to think about and there aren’t that many places safe enough, are there?” She laughed and pecked him on the cheek.

Sarah: “See that wasn’t so difficult was it , you have been thinking about it ,and I’m happy at your concern for us, but there is a clear and present threat. I believe that woman has eyes on us twenty four seven as our colonial friends might say. This means for us to decamp in itself is not the problem.”

Oz: “ So what is the problem?”

Sarah: “ That we would be followed.”

Oz: “ Suppose we weren’t followed?”

Sarah: “ Then there wouldn’t be a problem ,but we are being watched.”

Oz: “ But if there was no one to watch?”

Pru is visiting Sarah and the conversation turns to Barry’s concern for his daughter.

Pru: “ I went to visit Tatiana with Dagmar and Anna. She was somewhat subdued I thought bearing in mind how upset
Anna was recently, but she made a valid point.”

Sarah: “ You mean about us taking out the Hunt woman?”

Pru: “Exactly. You had similar thoughts I believe?”

Sarah: “Well I can’t take all the credit, my new best friend at my old Office said something along those lines the other day and he told me there have been at least two positive sightings.”

Pru: “ Reliable?”

Sarah: “ That’s the problem ,isn’t it always, but it is a place to start .”

Pru: “ Received wisdom is she has eyes on us around the clock and would be forewarned if we made a move.”

Sarah: “ Only if we are seen to be on the move.” Pru looked mystified and Sarah spent the rest of her visit explaining the plan.

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Sat Jan 23, 2021 8:27 pm

"Stuff the bloody penguins !" Do you know how hard it is to catch one ? :lol:

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Wed Jan 27, 2021 11:24 am

Barry has finished a number of lengthy telephone calls . He sits back and smiles at Hazel.

Barry: “ This has got to be my finest hour Haze, I do believe that no one else could have put this plan together.” Hazel smiled and slowly shook her head.

Oz and Sarah walked to a sea front hotel where at reception Oz introduces himself and is directed to the elevator .He refuses the offer of help with his case and they proceed to a suite on the top floor.

Oz murmurs to Sarah.

Oz: “ I’m really looking forward to this pet. Are you?”

Sarah: “Well it has to be a first for us, I don’t think we’ve ever done this before.” She laughed and squeezed his shoulder. The lift attendant rolled his eyes.

A large panel truck with trailer has parked outside Neville’s house .The driver knocks at the door while his colleagues begin opening the trailer and taking equipment out of the truck. One of Nev’s neighbours makes a note of the name and contact details . A few minutes later a ‘phone rings in an office at the Leisure Dome. The operator answers.

Operator: “ Buenos Dias, good morning ,bonjour, this is Fantasy foods and catering my name is Penelope how can I help you?”

Later that day the van and trailer drive away.

Dennis and Dagmar have had a house full of workmen dealing with an electrical fault caused by a water leak. The repairs took several hours with a lot of movement between the house and the vehicles parked outside. Their neighbours showed a great interest in such events on their doorstep, resulting in one making calls to the numbers displayed on the electrician’s and plumber’s vans.

The sounds of a generator followed by drilling and hammering was loud enough to deter some of those living closest, only returning in the evening when they expected the work to be completed.

Barry and Anna are sitting in an hotel suite with Oz and Sarah. Barry is looking very pleased with himself.

Barry: “ Well ,what do you think?”

Sarah: “I would not have believed it Barry. Your people have done an amazing job.”

Barry: “ I can’t take all the credit Sarah, Chris has a lot of Hollywood friends as you know, and was instrumental in getting some of the very best make-up people and actors to come here.”

Oz was open mouthed as he looked at himself get out of a chair and walk over to another Sarah and put an arm around her.

Oz: “ Barry lad it’s amazing, this guy even walks like me.”

Barry: “ They asked for video of you and the lads so they could look at just those personal habits.”

Sarah: “ So ,when they’re finished here they will return to the New Castle ?”

Barry: “ Yes. I’ve been told that the others are already on their way to the airport. “

Sarah: “ We owe Chris a great debt for all his help, and you as well of course Barry.” She caught a fleeting expression on Barry’s face and wondered if she had inadvertently upset him.

Barry: “ Indeed, we had originally thought to use the Sara Victoria but Chris said there was less risk this way, the aircraft is comparatively anonymous. We may have recourse to the Sara Vic at some later stage but there needs to be an appraisal in say a week or so. Chris will let us know about Moxey and Wyman as well as how his friends in San Pedro are faring.”

Oz: “ I guess Kenny and his guys are keeping close tabs on Chris?”

Barry: “ Yes. By the by Sarah your report from Hilary has just been given more weight by a sighting from Wyman’s contact in Aruba. She was clocked at the airport .”

Sarah: “ Leaving or arriving?”

Barry: “ Arriving.”

Oz: “ So we know where to go?”

Sarah: “ Is that the royal we my dear?” Sarah was looking at Oz while simultaneously shaking her head.

Barry: “ My understanding is that part of the operation has been orchestrated by Chris with input from Phoenix?” Barry looked across at Sarah.” Gee whiz you two do look alike, amazing!”

Sarah: “ Yes and he will be relating the full story when we meet up after our flight.” She looked at her watch.

Barry: “ Yes I take your point ,we should be making tracks as soon as our friends have gone.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Wed Jan 27, 2021 3:34 pm

Penelope ? Where is Kelly-Anne ? :?

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Tue Feb 02, 2021 1:59 pm

Hans Ulrich is waiting in the company car at Houston airport for the Stille brothers returning from a short holiday. He gets a call from Kenny Brown confirming their arrival with instructions to head to the helicopter pad. The brothers are not pleased with the change to their routine. Klaus the older of the pair looked sympathetically to Hans.

Klaus: “ I would guess this is Kenny’s latest security wheeze?”

Hans: “ Absolutely herr Stille. There have been several incidents and we err on the side of caution.”

Klaus: “ My brother has different priorities ,haven’t you Jurgen?” Jurgen frowned and turned away.” We are driving to the offices?”

Hans:” We are and perhaps I could show you the report to bring you up to date?”

Jurgen: “ Thank you Hans but perhaps you could tell us in a few words what that silly bitch has been getting up to?” Hans looked at Klaus who nodded.

Hans: “Well you recall mister Christian was to give a presentation to his friends in Spain?”

Jurgen: “ Yes, but is it relevant?”

Hans: “While there he had confirmation that she is either behind this or at best a puppet of the orientals. He heard also of two reported sightings.”

Klaus: “ It grieves me to hear this Hans. Her father was a good friend to our family in the past especially to Johann .” Jurgen snorted in derision.

Jurgen: “ You mean he saved his backside on more than one occasion ,he was weak.”

Klaus: “ Your opinion Jurgen, and irrelevant. The point is we offered Barbara a position which she abused . Everything I’ve heard to date indicates the Chinese are involved, if confirmation was needed I guess this is it.”

Later that day a further meeting was convened to assess Chris’s recent mining operations .

Klaus: “ Perhaps you would tell us about the Atacama project Chris?”

Chris: “ We have had great success in developing the areas to the west and south of our original diggings. If you look at this map ,all those areas in blue can now be added to our holdings. My friend Robert has spoken with all the Aymara locals and confirms they have legally sanctioned exploratory diggings.”

Klaus:” The spoil heaps in Jamaica which Wyman has been looking at?”

Chris: “ We are very pleased with the initial results. The strain of bacteria is ideal for our purposes.”

Jurgen:” Did you pursue the patent position?”

Chris:” We have a preliminary agreement with the university but I wanted to be sure you were happy to go down that route. Will you send confirmation to the head of engineering ?”

Jurgen: “ Are they talking with anyone else Chris?”

Chris: “ According to Robert we are the only people involved. We must make a generous offer herr Stille. I believe we have an incredible opportunity and I don’t need to re emphasise the strategic value of these metals.”

Klaus: “ You have my word Chris, we will have a good agreement but a fair one.”

Jurgen: “ Very well ,if I may can we now discuss the current situation surrounding Christa’s Swiss holdings?”

During the course of this meeting Chris could see Hans was very nervous . When Chris quoted from the report produced by Detlef he was sure that Ulrich visibly flinched on several occasions.

Chris: “ I must tell you I am surprised you were unaware of this .It seems even now, incredible that you were not responsible for setting up the holding company for her.” Klaus glanced at his brother and then at Ulrich.

Klaus: “ You are right to be sceptical, we were aware that Johann had made attempts to provide for her future but not until recently did we have details.”

Chris: “ Who knew about the significance of the real estate?” Klaus looked across at Jurgen.

Jurgen: “Johann was a clever engineer and also a clever businessman. It is clear he was protecting his daughters future. Ownership of the only piece of viable building land north of the mine seems a good idea to me, and clearly to him too.”

Chris: “ I see that regular payments went into a deposit account even after her father died.” He looked from one brother to the other who both stared back with blank faces then transferred their gaze to Ulrich. This was too much for Hans who held up his hand.

Hans: “ Enough, enough I’m sure you have deduced the events around the account.” Chris was intrigued and sat as Ulrich began to talk. The words tumbled from his mouth , it became more a confession than a report. He explained his dilemma, caught between loyalty to the family and his growing feelings for Christa.” I must stress Christian, my intentions were always honourable. Under different circumstances perhaps…..” He glanced at the brothers then back to Chris.” I was a young man of limited means in an impossible situation but determined to ensure her safety and security. She had made a bad decision, everyone on the Beco site would have told her the same. I had to be sure of her security having learned the family were discussing her future and knowing she was headstrong worried what she might do. My plan was to ensure a soft landing when she was left behind as was expected and in fact as she later was.” He sat down and looked at his feet.

Klaus smiled at Ulrich, reached over and took his hand and shook it.

Klaus: “ I hope you feel better Hans now you have it off your chest.” Ulrich looked up and frowned, paused and then spoke.

Ulrich: “ Did you know ?”

Klaus: “ Yes.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Thu Feb 04, 2021 11:21 am

Oz is about to make a speech and asks for every one’s attention.

Oz: “ I’ll be the first to admit that I never thought this would work but,here we are in the most luxurious Sonora Lodges. Please raise your glasses to our saviour Mister Barry Taylor and his friends from Fantasy Films. Cheers kiddah.”
Barry looked embarrassed ,Anna gave him a hug ,Dennis and Nev both slapped him on the back.

Dennis: “ Aye, you played a blinder there kiddah, mind you got a bit of help with the plane like.”

Neville: “ Aye ,but still a brilliant idea Barry. By the way how are our replacements doing?”

Barry: “ Apparently it’s a bit of a holiday for them, very different to what they usually get up to. All enjoying themselves No problemo.”

Sarah: “ I take it they’ll stay in place until the op is completed?”

Barry: “ Chris said Kenny is working with Hilary and that lad from Phoenix on the Aruba part of the operation ,and the last he heard was they’d found two bases ,one on the island and another in Venezuela. They had a lot of help from the local constabulary who Kenny says are very enthusiastic with their guns.”

Pru: “ Do you know how Wyman and Moxey are getting on Barry?”

Sarah: “ Actually I can answer that one Pru, Hilary has been in touch,as you might expect there would be some interest in a new source of rare earths. He says Wyman is joining Chris on a trip to the university where Robert works, and Moxey and Bea will be on their way to visit Guy as we speak.”

Neville: “ Well I reckon it’s time these twins got their feet wet, what do you think pet?”Pru was laughing and shaking her head.

Pru: “ I knew it was just a matter of time.” She laughed again and, as she got up to leave caught a glimpse of Dagmar looking at her quite seriously. “ I’ll catch you up Nev I just need a word with Dagmar.” Dagmar was clearly uncomfortable and about to move away.” Dagmar, whatever is the matter, you look upset?”

Dagmar: “I’m sorry Pru I’m being foolish but I’ve just seen Neville looking so happy and I recalled the last time we were here all together.”

Pru: “ That would be the bridge project?”

Dagmar: “Yes. Joe Saugus had arranged for us to stay here and most of us had a wonderful time.”

Pru: “ You’re implying there was an exception?”

Dagmar: “Two exceptions. Not unexpected in Barry’s case. It was Neville I remembered, he made a comment in the course of a conversation and we were all witness to Brenda’s reaction.”

Pru: “ I’m aware she had been a problem but I didn’t know exactly for how long.”

Dagmar: “ It was very sad then, but I’m so happy for him now.”

They had gathered in the lounge later that evening and contrary to Barry’s recommendation had ordered pizza from an establishment near the casino.

There was some banging on the entrance to the lodge and Nev went to investigate.

Neville: “ Barry, don’t tell me you ordered Chinese as well.” As he reached the entrance he could make out two figures on the porch . He opened the door and nearly jumped out of his skin.

Neville: “ Bloody hell ,what are you two doing here. Come in, come in. Hey everybody we’ve got visitors. It’s our Debbie and Detlef!” Dagmar looked at Dennis and ran to the door.

Dagmar: “ Is everything ok Detlef? “ Her face was drawn but relaxed as soon as she saw they were both laughing, and gave them both a big hug.

Oz: “ Now then you hungry nosed buggers, I bet you smelled the pizza, here come in ,you can have a bit of mine.” After the newcomers had been welcomed by everyone they went off to get changed before returning to the lounge .

Oz: “ So kiddah, what’s been happening?” Detlef was looking pleased with himself.

Detlef: “ Well as they say, I have good news and bad.”

Dennis: “ Bloody Norah lad!”

Detlef: “ Ok bad news, you’re going to have to leave.” Everyone perked up at that.

Neville: “ Hells teeth we haven’t been here a week yet!”

Detlef: “Do you want the good news?”

Dagmar: “ Come on Detlef, stop playing around.”

Detlef: “As Barry probably explained there was a joint operation a couple of days ago, since then a number of arrests have been made at properties in Aruba and Venezuela. Barbara Hunt is in custody and a major political and diplomatic row has broken out about illegal operations in several countries, apart from the West Indies and South America.”

Pru: “ So , she has definitely been stopped?”

Detlef: “ Yes. A joint international force here in the Caribbean and another in the Black Sea area ,mainly European but including some British, raided certain properties and recovered incriminating records and intel from a number of computers.”

Oz : “ You could say a concerted effort.” He was drowned out by loud groans, followed by a few cheers.

Detlef: “ By the way Oz can I have a quiet word while this lot are congratulating each other?”

Oz: “ Sure bonny lad, what’s up?”

Detlef: “ I’ve got some stuff from my investigation of Christa’s estate, it’s in my bag if you’d care to have a look?” He took Oz by the elbow and guided him out of the room under Sarah’s watchful gaze. Oz pulled his arm free.

Oz: “ Hey lad ,what’s this about?” Detlef looked Oz in the eyes .

Detlef: “ While I was sorting through Christa’s correspondence I found something and, with Chris’s permission ,thought it best to give it to you for safe keeping.” He passed an envelope to a very puzzled Oz, who took it and opened it. His face went pale.

Oz: “ Oh . Bloody hell I’d forgotten all about this!”

Detlef: “ I thought that would be the case. I explained to Chris about the circumstances pertaining during the time you and my Dad were living on the Beco site. It’s clear to us, and to my mother, that Christa knew who you believed Yvette to be from the letter you sent her.” Detlef stifled a laugh as he looked into Oz’s ashen face.

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Thu Feb 04, 2021 6:16 pm

Kismet :o :lol: :oops:

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Thu Feb 11, 2021 12:47 pm

Wyman can see Maureen waiting as she’d agreed somewhat reluctantly to meet at Wyman’s request, suggesting a café where they shared the first coffee of their relationship.

Maureen: “ You look worried Wyman and you sounded weird on the ‘phone. What’s going on?”

Wyman: “ I was at the res yesterday like I told you . I know a few people there and I like to meet up now and then. I saw Charlie ,he’s their medicine man.” Maureen was still frowning.

Maureen: “ C’mon Wy, spit it out. There’s something going on.” He looked up and stared at her.

Wyman: “ I was given some advice .” He paused.” By Charlie. He asked me what I was doing with the FBI girl.” Maureen’s expression had changed from annoyance to something else.

Maureen: “ What do you think he meant by that?”

Wyman: “ I gave you a ring a while back . You’re not wearing it?” Maureen’s expression hardened.

Maureen: “ I thought we had an understanding Wyman. I like you, we usually have a good time together but I have to say I’m not liking this.” Wyman was looking puzzled.

Wyman: “What’s wrong?”

Maureen: “ You’re asking me what’s wrong, what’s with the ring, it’s just jewelry isn’t it?” Wyman’s expression changed from astonishment to disappointment.

Wyman: “ It looks like I’ve made a huge mistake. We're obviously not heading in the direction I thought.”

Maureen: “ You’re dead right sonny jim. I guess this where I say it’s not you ,it’s me ,and you say -“Wyman stopped her with upraised hands. He was showing signs of annoyance.

Wyman: “Make fun of me if you like but I won’t apologise for my feelings. I thought they were reciprocated.” Maureen shook her head , looking skyward.

Maureen: “ Wyman I have a job I literally would die for, it’s very well paid, I get to travel all over and meet lots of people. Why would I change anything ?” Wyman held her gaze a little longer and then picked up his coat.

Wyman: “I’m very sorry to have wasted your time Maureen . Goodbye.”

The following morning Wyman is at the site office in Jamaica talking to Joe the foreman and watching a steady stream of trucks coming and going.

Wyman: “ Is it extra busy today Joe?”

Joe: “ Nah, it’s been getting busier these last few weeks. It’d be busier if we could process faster, but like they say it’s as fast as the slowest stage.”

Wyman: “Is Moxey around?”

Joe: “ Nah, it’s a bit early for Mox he’s got the youngster to drop at school.He won’t be long. Is there anything I can do?”

Wyman: “ Can you show me where this slow stage is?”

Joe: “ Yes it’s just over there where that big tank is, the one with the paddle in the middle.”

Wyman: “ So why is it so slow?”

Joe: “Ask Moxey he’s just coming now.”

Moxey: “ Hiyah Wy, how’s it hangin’ kiddah?”

Wyman: “ Hi Mox. I’m just looking at this tank here. Joe says it’s what’s slowing up the whole process. Can’t we just speed it up?”

Moxey: “ No can do young’un. Robert says the bugs only work at a certain rate. You can’t make them go any faster.” Wyman was shaking his head.

Wyman: “ Sounds like it’s catching around here.”

Moxey: “Hey smart arse, what’s with you today, wrong side of the bed or something?”

Wyman: “ Watch it Moxey I’m not in the mood .”

Moxey: “Hey lad, keep your bloody mood to yersel, we run a happy ship here.”

Wyman: “Pity it’s a ship without a proper captain.” Joe looked up at that remark , glanced at Moxey and rolled his eyes as he headed back to the site office. ”Don’t you get too comfortable in there Joe, I’ll be taking a closer look at your duties as well.”

Moxey: “ Who the hell do you think you are talking like that ?”

Wyman: “ Don’t you know Albert. You know my brother Chris?”

Moxey: “ Oh. Right. I gerrit now, it’s like that is it.” Moxey put his coat back on.” Ok captain ,take your bloody ship and shove it as far as you can ,you know ,where the sun don’t shine.” He walked off the site and Wyman saw his car leaving in a cloud of dust.

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Fri Feb 12, 2021 7:23 am

Good heavens, what a to do, I say, what a to do ! :o

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Wed Feb 17, 2021 1:07 pm

Tatiana had agreed that Barry should keep her up to speed with Anna’s situation.He’d arranged for a meeting at the convent before he continued on his business trip.

Tatiana:” So how are you protecting our daughter from the trolls?”

Barry:” The Internet problem will always be there, and she knows better now, I suggested she limits her time on social media or run the risk of it happening again.”

Tatiana:” Barry have you made a decision about relocating yet?”

Barry:” All in due course. I have to say ,why are you asking, I assumed you had relinquished all interest in worldly matters after taking holy orders?”

It was Tatiana’s turn to stay silent which only made Barry curious.

Chris is talking to Kenny Brown.

Chris:” Kenny ,I have heard from Hans Ulrich of a suggestion that Barbara Hunt may be at risk.”

Kenny: “ Should we be worried boss?”

Chris: “ Ordinarily I would say no but if we think she could be of use to us then others may see this as reason to use her as target practice.”

Kenny:” They see her as a threat to their security?”

Chris: “ Indeed and there will be ample opportunity to remove the threat. I’m not so sure I would believe anything she said but I do understand we have to try.”

Kenny:” Do we know what the feds have planned?”

Chris:” Kenny there are so many people with skin in this game I’m not sure who is calling the shots any more!”

Wyman has been talking to Robert about the process.

Wyman:” So Robert if we can’t speed up the process could we increase the size of the tank?”

Robert:” No.”

Wyman:” Why?”

Robert:” There is no easy way to explain Wyman, it’s because the ratio of the surface area of the materials is fixed ,because it’s critical. However if total output is imperative you could always add a second reactor ,exactly the same size ,and run the two in parallel.Talk to Moxey and Joe they know where to source vessels and pipework.You will need more hands ,especially at the discharge stages .Leave it to Moxey.”

Wyman:” There’s a problem . Moxey has gone.”

Robert:” When’s he back?”

Wyman:” I don’t know.”

Robert:” Family problem?”

Wyman:” No.”

Robert was puzzled.

After leaving the convent Barry made a few calls. His first was to Barcelona to keep Hazel in the loop, the second to Varna where he was due later that day to welcome some new staff, and his final call was to Sydney Australia.

Barry:” Hello Naomi,I’m surprised to find you at your desk ,it’s eight o’clock here so it’s seven in the morning with you.”

Naomi:” I’ve always been an early bird mister Taylor .So what prompted an early call?”

Barry:” I have your last report and I’m impressed, work in progress is excellent but then that’s why you’re there. I want you to feel free about hiring staff to cope with the increase, and let me know how many from the Hong Kong office are deployed.”

Naomi:” You’ve read my mind ,I have the breakdown you’ll need but I was going to ask about staff.It’s almost two weeks now and we’re missing about half of those you transferred.”

Barry: “I knew it was going too smoothly. I was pushed into this because of the pressure they were getting from the mainland.”

Wyman had left the spoil heaps site and had gone with Kurt by chopper to the airport in Kingston. He was to go to the new drilling site in the Atacama. The message from Chris was terse.He didn’t query it ,wondering if Chris knew about the problem with Moxey. Kurt could not enlighten him further and they took off in a four seater because Kurt said there would be three of them for the return trip.

They landed in the middle of a pandemonium or so it seemed. As far as they could ascertain Robert and Pablo had gone to the new drilling site and been attacked.One of the local labourers had run back bringing the bad news.

Wyman:” So where are they?”There was a lot of head shaking and waving of arms.” I’ll take that quad.” He checked the fuel. “ If Carla or anyone asks tell them I’ve gone to the new site.”

Wyman arrived at a deserted workplace.Tools and clothing were scattered about but not a soul to be seen.He stopped and looked all around with his binoculars.The sands were dazzling in the sunlight ,he could see right down the valley ,dry as a bone and he thought hotter than on his last trip.He turned and thought he could see smoke on the other side of the valley near the other drill site.He started the engine but didn’t get very far before something hit him hard on the side of his head. Pablo and Robert heard the shot as it echoed round the hills.They found Wyman later, bleeding from a head wound ,trapped underneath the quad bike.They took him back to the Aymara village where they had been taken earlier when they themselves had been rescued .

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Wed Feb 17, 2021 4:29 pm

When Tatiana is having a fag around the back of the convent, is she blowing holy smoke ? :roll: :lol:

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Tue Feb 23, 2021 2:24 pm

Detlef has ‘phoned Dennis.

Detlef:” Hi Den I thought I’d ask if you know anything about Moxey?

Dennis:” The last I heard he was with Wyman at the spoil heaps in Jamaica, why?”

Detlef:” Nah, he’s not there ,there was a thought here that he’d gone to Scotland.”

Dennis: “ I wouldn’t think that was likely ,he’s only just been there to see Guy.”

Detlef:” Aye ,we thought the same.It’s strange ,since Wyman had to go to the Atacama site that leaves Joe on his own at the spoil heaps. Bearing in mind Chris has just told us Robert and one of their guides had been attacked ,it leaves them vulnerable to say the least.”

Dennis: “ Moxey wouldn’t leave the bairn behind if he’s gone to Scotland, it’s not like him to just bugger off, something must have happened .”

Moxey had experienced some problems with the various airport regulations but has eventually arrived at the castle.

Moxey:” I’m very sorry missus Irvine but we’ve been delayed several times by checks and had a real problem at Glasgow. We’ll go straight to our rooms if that’s ok?”

Mrs Irvine:” I have food that can be ready in short order ,you both look like you need a bit of something, but if miss Beatrice wants to see her brother ?”
Moxey realised this was her attempt at discretion and keeping her curiosity in check. It was only a short time since their last visit.

Moxey:” Once we have ourselves sorted out I will explain missus Irvine ,and I will need to talk to Guy as well.”

Mrs Irvine:” Mister Guy is out just now with himself up at the chalets, they’re with McCaskill about the break-ins. They won’t be long I’m thinking.”

After Barry finished his call with Naomi he called in to see Dagmar.

Dagmar:” Well hello Barry, it only seems five minutes since we were all enjoying ourselves in Arizona.”

Barry:” Absolutely Dagmar ,but needs must and since the peeping toms have been dealt with it means we can all return to work or whatever. In that regard I am about to ask a big favour, again. Can you keep an eye out for Anna? I have to go away for a week or so, flights permitting. There is a serious problem with staff who have apparently disappeared from the Hong Kong office. It’s worrying as we had a hint that Barbara Hunt had been sniffing around .”
Dagmar:” Of course Barry ,anything we can do to help you just have to ask.i take it Anna’s had no more trouble with social media?”

Barry:” Not that I’m aware of. I spoke to Tatiana on that subject just recently .” Dagmar nodded and smiled as Barry rolled his eyes.

Dagmar:” I don’t suppose you’ve heard any thing about Moxey ,I heard from Detlef just now ,he said Moxey had left the site and thinks he went back to Scotland.”

Barry:” That’s odd ,it’s not the kind of thing I would expect of Moxey. And in any case it’s not five minutes since he was there.”

Sarah has just returned from the hospital to a worried Oz.

Oz:” I‘ll not forgive myself if something’s wrong.”

Sarah: “ Don’t be silly Leonard, I told you it’s a routine checkup.”

Oz:” You did say it would be ok to go to Arizona ,and ,er to enjoy ourselves.” Sarah looked at Oz, and momentarily closed her eyes .

Sarah:” I did ,and we did, didn’t we ,and there is nothing wrong, give it a rest GRANDMA.”

Oz:” Don’t shout at me petal I’m just worried. What did they say. I knew I should have gone with you?” Sarah looked at Oz and rummaged in her handbag.

Sarah:” I have the latest pictures from the ultrasound scan, here have look ,you can even see his boots. By the way that call from Hilary was to ask if we know what’s going on with Moxey. I said we had no idea.”

Oz: “ So everything hunky dory.What’s that about Moxey?”

Sarah:” Yes for the third time ok ,yes. So Moxey’s gone missing from the site in Jamaica.He left Wyman at the spoil heaps and hasn’t returned.”

Oz:” Something’s up. In all the time I’ve known him he’s never run away from a job, unless the fuzz were after him. Nothing said about where he went?”

Sarah” “ Hilary said he’d booked a flight to Glasgow, I would hazard a guess he was heading to Kilgrinnan. There was a minor with him.”

Oz:” They were there just recently though. Something is definitely wrong .He wouldn’t return so soon unless there was a problem.”

Moxey realised he wasn’t just pissed off with Wyman. In truth he hadn’t felt a hundred percent since Chrissy died.Maybe he’d just lost his way like after Elena .If he was honest it was only the work and his responsibility for Bea that kept him going. He knew he was no good at accepting criticism. He’d been running away most of his life until he’d fallen in with the lads. He asked Barry once if he reckoned therapy might help but decided paying for the non directive thing that Barry favoured was a waste. He wanted answers not silence.
He’d left the lads for a life with Elena only to rejoin them and then to take up with Chrissy ,which had been unexpected but rewarding ,as had the stewardship of his niece and nephew. He recognised when the downward spiral had begun and knew withdrawing into himself was not the answer.
Returning to Kilgrinna had helped before and that was why he was here now. He was sat watching Bea talking to Guy.She was so animated, Moxey could see the closeness of brother and sister.He felt a pang of guilt as it occurred to him maybe he was the cause of them being apart.

Wyman is in pain and unable to move.He shouted and could hear someone come to his side. His head is in some kind of restraint and a bandage is wrapped around his eyes. A voice whispers in his ear.

“ Senor Wy man please be calm and still .You are injured.”

Wyman:” Where am I?”

” You are here with Pablo my brother. He brought you to our village. My name is Nayra. We are taking you to the hot springs.You will feel much better.” Wyman is disoriented .

Wyman: “ I was at the drilling site.What happened?”

Nayra:” Please senor Wyman stay calm ,you will feel better after trying the hot springs.”

Robert let Chris know Wyman had been shot at which point he instructed Kurt to fly them to Chile.

Robert was checking on Wyman and was told Pablo had gone with him and Nyra to the hot springs where she would begin his treatment.

Pablo: “ Senor Wy man my sister is sure this will be good for you.”

Wyman:” I don’t think you’re lying Pablo but it’s just I’d rather have a qualified medical practitioner.”

Pablo:” Of course señor and I believe señor Chris is bringing someone with him but Nayra thinks you should let her do this now.”

Wyman:” Ok what does she want me to do?”

Pablo: “ If you sit in the water, here I’ll help you. It has amazing healing properties. I will ask Nyra to explain.”

Wyman:” Fine ,after all where’s the harm in a bath, can someone take off this bandage?” Wyman recognised the girls voice from earlier.” Is that your sister I can hear?”

Nyra:” I am not a doctor señor Wy man but I would not do anything to harm you.The geyser supplies water to these springs and it contains many salts and things dissolved from far below the ground.”

Wyman:” I’m sure ,but can you take off this bandage I can’t see anything?”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

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If the Hong Kong staff were in the protests, may never see them again. :?

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Re: A Concerted Effort

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Wyman asked for the bandage to be removed ,he couldn’t see the glances exchanged between Nayra and Pablo.

Pablo:” Senor Wy man the bandages were put on after we saw your injury, to protect your eye.” Wyman sat up straight on hearing this

Wyman:” What injury Pablo?”

Pablo:” Someone shot to kill you but the bullet skimmed the side of your head hitting the cheekbone .” Wyman felt sick.

Wyman:” Are you saying I’ve lost an eye?”

Nayra:” No, no senor ,your eye is whole ,but it is ..” She spoke aside to Pablo.” But it is bruised ,I think that is the right word.”

Wyman:” Why can’t we take off the bandage?”

Nayra:” I thought it would keep out dirt and allow the healing to continue. I can lift it away for a minute if you want?” Wyman swallowed and nodded agreement.

Wyman:” Let’s just try it .” As the bandage was slowly lifted from his face he was aware of the sunlight growing brighter but felt sick again when he realised he couldn’t focus and everything was a uniform grey. “ Put it back ,put it back Pablo. I can’t see!”

Oz had arranged to meet with Den and Nev.

Neville:” Dear me lad ,it’s seems like the first time I’ve been in here for years!” He looked around Oz’s man cave.” Have you anything in that ‘fridge?:

Oz:” Why aye man ,help yourself and get one for Den and me while you’re on. One of the reasons I wanted to see you is this thing with Moxey and the other is to see if you’ve thought any more about moving?” Neville looked up as he passed the beers across.

Dennis:” Thanks Nev.” He lifted the bottle to his lips ,took a big swig and smacked his lips. “Champion .Does a beer taste any better than that, especially when it’s someone else’s?”

Neville :” Well we thought it might be something to do with Moxey ,Den and I were just talking .When we got the bridge job we all went looking for Den and when the OED job came up you all came looking for me. It’s the same now ,we’re one missing and it doesn’t feel right. If we’re going to be making a move then Moxey should be part of it. That’s what we think anyway, what about it Oz?”

Oz:” Aye I know what you mean, there’s something going on with Mox and I’m thinking we should chase his arse up to Scotland and sort it out. Nev , you’re not going to ‘phone Pru first ,are you?”

Neville:” Bollocks Oz. I’m in ,when do we leave?”

Barry is meeting with Naomi at the airport in Auckland . She’d emailed him that she would arrange a hire car but they should have a bite before they left . She was holding a big card with Barry Taylor inscribed. Barry saw it immediately and had a big smile when they eventually met.

Naomi:” Hi Barry, I take it the plan is unchanged and we are still on for the meeting at the Coromandel Peninsula?”

Barry:” Good to see you Naomi, yes that’s right ,there are no changes ,our friends are very enthusiastic and have made lots of suggestions, some of them won’t fly as you might imagine but they’re all agreed we can capitalise on the filming history of the area without infringing anyones’ rights.”

Naomi:” I followed your email exchanges and it is very encouraging even in these early stages. By the way was anything resolved about our Hong Kong guys?”

Barry:” We’re supposed to be meeting a couple here today before we drive to the coast. Tell me Naomi did you know any of them personally?”

Naomi:” I knew the people in the front office and several of the outside broadcast crew.Who is it we’re meeting?” Barry pulled an email from his pocket and read .

Barry:” There’s a Kim and a Sally. Ring any bells?”

Naomi:” I’ve had a lot of correspondence with Kim and Sally Ho Hong. I would recognise them anywhere.”

Barry:” Good .Lets’ head on over to the restaurant.”

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