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Angela Loves Frank

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Angela Loves Frank

Post by Londongal1983 » Mon Jul 26, 2021 12:20 pm

Act 1, Scene 1: Happy Donut, Northumberland. [Norma and Angela walk into the store]

ANGELA: Why the hell are we here?

[Norma simply walks over to the counter, where we see Mr. Phelps.]

NEROMA: Hello, Mr. Phelps... how's the chain going?

PHELPS: It's going really badly. We might have to close it soon, it's doing so badly.

NORMA: Oh no...

PHELPS: Got ya'! We're opening five new stores next week. PHELPS: It's a great way to deal!

ANGELA: Chain?

PHELPS: Yeah... five stores across the state.

NORMA: You know, when I licensed the formula to Happy Dough to Mr. Phelps. I don't know how he could afford the money on a teacher's salary, even in the big city.

ANGELA: When was THAT?

NORMA: About a week after the whole deal with Big Harv.

ANGELA: Uh huh. And why haven't you told ME this?

NORMA: Because I didn't want you to get corrupted again by big city values, and the trappings therein.

ANGELA: Bollocks that as Dad would say.

PHELPS: Anyway, Norma, up for working on a new flavor today?

NORMA: Sure.
Did you do that?

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