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Nevilles Dilemma

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Nevilles Dilemma

Post by 936trt » Wed Oct 12, 2022 2:01 pm

Nev pulled up outside the MacDonald estate after an overnight drive from the airport. As he waited for someone to answer the door he was hoping Moxey was home and this made him begin to question the steps which had brought him here . Morag came to the door saw Nev and shouted for Moxey.
Once the initial surprise and shock had passed they were on to a second cup of coffee as Neville recounted the events over the last few months right up to the encounter with Tarquin Pearce.
Morag and Moxey stared at their guest and then at each other.

Moxey :”So after all that Nev how are you feelin’ now ?” Moxey was looking more concerned than Nev could ever recall.

Nev:”Well to be honest I felt better before being told a Chinese guy had tried to top me!” Morag stifled a snigger and apologised.

Morag :” I’m sorry Neville but you made it sound so funny. More coffee?” Nev shook his head.

Nev :”I need to talk Mox, I’ve reached a point where I reckon there’s an important step to be taken.” Moxey and Morag were looking at each other with furrowed brows.

Moxey :” You sound serious Nev, what did Pru say about it?” Nev looked sheepish ,looking down at his feet and then noticed that his hosts were exchanging knowing looks. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before speaking.

Nev :” I can see from your expressions that you have both come to your own conclusion. I’m really sorry but I have to leave now. Thanks for the coffee.” Moxey followed him out and across to his car.

Moxey :” Nev mate, don’t you think you should talk with Pru about this?” Nev glanced up at him as he searched for his keys .

Nev :” She didn’t hear me ,just like you two now.” Moxey thought Nev looked strangely calm and determined.

Moxey :” Where are you off to mate?” Nev smiled .

Nev :” So. I’m your mate when I’m leaving?”

Moxey :” Why are you being like this Nev, I thought you’d come here to talk about your problem?”

Nev :” I think you’ve both let me know what you think about my problem.” He paused before starting the engine.” See ya Mox.”

As Nev drove away Moxey was straight on the ‘phone to Dennis.

Dennis :” Moxey, Moxey ,slow down ,you say you’ve just seen Nev?” Moxey proceeded to give a blow by blow account of Nev’s visit .” So then he just cleared off?”

Moxey :” Yes, like I said ,I think he was disappointed he didn’t get the response he wanted, you know what he can be like when he gets a bee in his bonnet ,remember that Albanian tart?”

Dennis :” You mean Irena?”

Moxey :”Aye that’s her.”

Dennis :” The one he nearly ended up marrying!”

Moxey :” So Den ,what are we going to do?”

Dennis :” Look Moxey, I’ve been trying to keep Nev right ever since he came to Dusseldorf with us, and I reckon by now he should be able to look after himself. He is grown up, an adult isn’t he?” Moxey was clearly unhappy and looked uncomfortable with his next words.

Moxey :” Den ,Den man, we’ve always looked to you.You always were team leader .”

Dennis :” Bollocks Moxey, I’m too old for this !” Den, already on his feet had an urge to throw the ‘phone away but suddenly changed his mind.” Dagmar ,are you there pet?” He heard her calling from the garden. Pocketing the ‘phone he set off in search. He found her sitting with her feet up and cup in hand.

Dagmar :”Is there a problem Dennis ,you sound ,well, agitated?”

Dennis :”Aye, agitated ,you could say that.” He explained his conversation with Moxey outlining Nevilles apparent dilemma. Dagmar leaned forward with her left hand outstretched, palm uppermost. Dennis took hold of her hand and held it.”You always know what to do pet.Should I really go after Neville?” Dagmar smiled and covered Den’s hand with her right hand.

Dagmar :” Dennis do you remember when you left the Beco site there was a point when I thought I would never see you again. If it hadn’t been for Neville perhaps you and I would not be here right now.” Den realised it was true. If Nev hadn’t gone walkabout that day and found where Dagmar was working the rest would definitely not have been history.

Dennis :”I don’t have a choice do I petal?” Dagmar smiled and shook her head.

Pru :” No ,you don’t pet. I’ll get in touch with Pru.”

Dennis called Oz to bring him up to speed .Oz was yawning down the ‘phone.

Oz :” So kiddah you’re off on a quest?” Dennis snorted.

Dennis “Don’t be a smart arse Oz , I told you why I’m going.”

Oz :” I know and I still think you’re the best guy for it. If you reckon he’s off to the north east ,it might be worth giving Chris a bell?”

Dennis :” Chris, why?”

Oz :”Well apart from seeing if he can give you a lift he could get Kenny Brown to track Nev’s movements.”

Dennis :” Good thinking Oz. Goes to show you weren’t sleeping when I gave my worldly wise lectures.”

Oz :” Cheeky bugger. Den I was thinking, when we thought Nev was off his head he talked a lot about Brenda.”

Dennis :”Aye he did ,so what?”
:” What are the chances one of the places he’ll go will be Benwell cemetery?”

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by Tracy » Sat Oct 15, 2022 3:27 pm

Oh dear me :roll: Hold on, maybees he's off to Albania ??? :o :P

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by 936trt » Mon Oct 17, 2022 11:34 am

Nev was feeling relaxed. He found himself anticipating familiar landmarks driving through the border country.After his disappointment at the reception he got from Moxey he had to look on the visit as a waste of time, an unnecessary diversion. As his attention wandered he toyed with the idea of paying a visit to the Carlisle area where he recalled Oz’s ex wife Marjorie at one time had a transport cafe and B & B . He suddenly felt weary and realised he’d been running on adrenaline for the last two days. I should look for somewhere to stay he thought, and have a bite . A few miles further on he did just that and parked the car at a cosy looking pub where he thought to spend the night. The barman proved to be very talkative like many in the trade , and quick to observe that Nev had an unusual accent. This was a cue for Nev to relate his life story which he promised to do but only after he’d eaten , he was really ,really starving.

The following day started bright ,the sunshine making the landscape especially colourful and reminding Nev of childhood trips around similar hills and moors.He felt obliged to head toward Rothbury, maybe to have a look at the house where the girls had lived with Brenda in what now seemed to be another lifetime.There was something nagging at the back of his mind and he couldn’t quite make out what it was.However those thoughts disappeared as it dawned on him he was approaching the entrance to the estate and what’s more the gates were wide open.He drove slowly down the drive remembering the sympathy he’d felt for McLennan .The man had lost everything ,his medical career and his home, because of his alcoholism. In spite of Nev’s financial help Fiona had got herself into deeper trouble by forging Nev’s signature on some loan documents .All this was in the past now he thought , continuing along a recently surfaced road which curved slowly left and then straightened to reveal the house more or less as he could recall. A couple were at a table near to the lake .He stopped the car and got out. He couldn’t believe his eyes .The young girl sat at the table was his daughter Callista. They both got to their feet and walked toward him.

Callista :” I can’t believe this ,after all the years of silence now I get a visit from my missing father in the flesh as they say! “ She turned to the young man next to her .”Nicholas, this is my father Neville Hope ,I may have mentioned him in the past.” The sarcasm was not lost on Nev .

Nicholas :” Well well,I’ve been told so much about you and now I see you as Callista says ,in the flesh so to speak.”He was laughing and Nev felt obliged to take the outstretched hand .

Neville :” I’m pleased to meet you , is it Nicholas or Nick?”

Nicholas :” I answer to anything, can I call you Nev?”

Neville :” Most folks do .I must say this is a surprise to me too,I didn’t expect the gates to be open or even that the place would be occupied.” He looked over to see Callista looking a little emotional .He went over to her and gave her a hug.” I had no idea pet, I’ve heard nothing from Debbie about you.”

Callista :” She told me you were over there but that’s all really.Come here and take a seat.We need to bring you up to date .Dad.” She laughed at Nev’s surprise.” I haven’t said dad for years.” Nev was looking embarrassed.

Neville :”Look ,I don’t want to impose. I know you were not expecting me .” Callista interrupted him.

Callista :”No dad ,listen .I am pleased to see you after all this time irregardless of the circumstances.When you were here last I was away in Greece and I gather Fiona was not too friendly.” Nev relaxed and sat down while his youngest daughter related the events since that holiday in Greece . She described how she developed a close relationship with Nicholas while over there and learned that his parents ,who happened to be very wealthy ,were so pleased that he had found such a level headed and attractive young lady.So much so that they offered to acquire her family home from the liquidators of the McLennan estate, as a gift !

Neville :” I’m very happy for you, for you both ,but I’m surprised that you prefer Northumberland to the Greek islands.”Nicholas laughed loudly.

Nicholas :” When it gets too miserable we can go to my parents for a break, otherwise I’m usually in the basement working.” It was Callista’s turn to laugh.

Callista :”He calls it work but I have to tell you he plays with tape recorders and mixing desks .” Nev was mystified and looked to Nicholas for an explanation.

Nicholas :”It started as a hobby as I’ve always been interested in music. Now it’s a business .I optimise recordings for clients ,remix tracks usually to the performers specification, but sometimes, and now more frequently they leave it up to me .”

Neville :” Sounds like a dream gig !”

Nicholas :” Would you like a guided tour of my workplace Neville?”

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by 936trt » Wed Oct 19, 2022 11:56 am

Having spent the night with his daughter and her husband ,Nev was mulling over his conversation with Callista ,or Cally as Nick called her. There had been a lot left unsaid, particularly about her late mother. However what little she knew about her father’s current status came from sister Debbie.

Callista :” i guess Pru wouldn’t have any idea about your visit here?”

Neville :” As I said last night this was all unexpected .When I left Moxey’s my intention was to travel directly to Newcastle. Something to be said for spontaneity though but. I wouldn’t have missed this, seeing you and Nick, for all the world.”

Nev had turned away from the car to face her, she caught a hint of emotion pass across his face.He gave her a hug which was a surprise ,he had never been given to such displays of emotion when she was growing up. Afterwards Nev would realise how impulsive and out of character it must have seemed to her.
As they paid their respective farewells, each had a very different interpretation of this fleeting visit. Nick and Cally were at a complete loss to understand what Nev was hoping to achieve with his journey, but had been too polite to say so. As far as Nev was concerned he was still a little puzzled by their behaviour yet very pleased by his reception in their home. At the same time there was still this strange nagging doubt at the back of his mind ,almost as though he had forgotten something but couldn’t pin it down. There was also a large void whenever his thoughts turned to Pru and that was also very worrying. He remembered the medical advice he’d been given ,that he confront his fears, question the problem and not run away from it.

Dennis had arrived in Newcastle airport and was pleased to see big Baz waiting for him in arrivals.

Dennis :” Now then Baz. Alreet?”

Baz :” Aye, in canny fettle Dennis, yourself?”

Dennis :”Aye, can’t complain mate.” They set off toward Baz’s car.” So Baz, you’re up to speed with this Neville business?”

Baz :” I am bonny lad and I know he didn’t stay with Moxey .He set off south later on yesterday. We reckoned he would have to stop overnight because he'd come over on the red eye to Glasgow, so a kip and a bite would be high on the to do list.”

Dennis :” So he’s heading for Newcastle today then?”

Baz :”Yes, that’s our best guess, but have you any idea where we should be looking Dennis?” Den shrugged and shook his head. “ Moxey said he went on a bit about Brenda but didn’t make a lot of sense.”

Dennis :” Your guess would be as good as mine kiddah, but, we cannot be trailing all over just on the off chance. I did think we might have to talk to the local bobbies.” Baz gave an involuntary shudder.

Baz :” Look, before we do that ,I have an idea.”

They had been parked for approaching an hour and Den was bored out of his skull.

Dennis :” I know what you said Baz, and yes I agree it must be on the cards with all the other places he might go, and yes the last time you were here you got soaked to the skin, but it is a bit of a punt, isn’t it?”

Baz :” Okay ,we’ll give it another hour .If he drove from somewhere near Rothbury say, even at his speed if this was his destination he should be here by now.”

Dennis :” What kind of car did Moxey say he had?”

Baz :” Can’t miss it ,it’s a white rental .Hang on, hang on .” He paused as he screwed his eyes up looking across to the entrance to the car park.” Dear me ,is this him, over there ,can you see, walking across from the far side ?”

Oz is despondent and trying to cheer himself up by chatting with Sara.

Oz :”You know I feel really bad about Dennis.” Sara looked up from her lap top with wrinkled brow.

Sara :’What do you mean Oz?”

Oz :”I feel like we’ve pressured Den into going after Nev. After all ,he’s not a young man any more.It would be easy to put the blame on Moxey but I feel it was my fault.”

Sara :” I hate to say this my dear but you’re no spring chicken either!” Oz’s expression changed to one of annoyance.

Oz :”Thanks for that pet, but you know what I mean.”

Sara :”I agree with Pru. Neville is the one we should worry about.Just as she thought he was on the road to recovery he goes and pulls this stunt.”

Oz :” I’m sure Nev doesn’t think this is a stunt .I know the guy ,he’s driven y’kna .I’m sure he feels there’s something he just has to do.” Sara has given up working on her lap top.

Sara :”But what can it be ,is it to do with being poisoned by that Chinese fellow?”

Oz :” Could be pet. If someone tried to bump me off I’d be more than a bit miffed!”

Sara :’ There is this thing about his first wife though. I must admit I find that very strange and a bit worrying and so does Pru ,the current incumbent.”

Oz :’ Nah that was just the drugs talking . See I know he thinks the world of Pru.” Oz looked conspiratorial and put a finger to the side of his nose and winked.

Sara :” What makes you say that?”

Oz :” ‘Cos he told me petal.”

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by Tracy » Wed Oct 19, 2022 5:04 pm

A bit of a punt, pulls this stunt, soppy old Nev, what a right prick ! :roll: :lol:

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by 936trt » Fri Oct 21, 2022 10:28 am

Nev was walking slowly toward Brenda’s grave ,deep in thought. He glanced up and noticed a vaguely familiar figure approaching from the opposite side of the car park.

Baz :” Now then Neville old son, how are you today?” Nev was desperately trying to understand what on earth Baz was doing here .

Neville :”I’m fine Baz ,but what are you doing here ?” Baz started to laugh and turned to wave at Dennis who was waiting to see Nev’s reaction to Baz turning up.

Baz :” I’m here with a good mate of yours.” Nev looked in the direction Baz was waving.

Neville :” Aye. I can see that, but what are you two doing here?” Nev was beginning to look agitated.

Dennis :” Nev lad ,there’s nowt to worry about, we just thought it was a good idea to meet up. See ,Moxey told us you didn’t seem very happy when you left him.”Nev put both hands up and began shouting.

Neville :” For heavens sake DENNIS, give it a bloody rest will you, stop it NOW! I’ve had ENOUGH!” Baz looked at Den as Nev started towards him and put a restraining hand on his shoulder . Nev turned ,made to throw a punch at Baz then promptly collapsed in a heap at his feet.

Some hours later that day Dennis answered a call from Baz.

Dennis :” Aye Baz, the sister we talked to said they were worried about him so he was moved to the neuroscience suite. The consultant is with him now.”

Baz :” Neuroscience?”

Dennis :”Aye. She said they were pretty sure they know what the problem is , this guy is the expert and they will know when he’s finished examining Nev later on.”

Baz :” Okay kiddah. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.”

Den only had another half hour to wait when the sister came for him in the waiting room and showed him into the consultants office. He took a seat and waited .After a few minutes the consultant opened the door and waved Den inside. Den had to listen very carefully, as he spoke very quietly.He explained that mister Hope had a very rare yet interesting condition that could cause brain damage if allowed to progress.It was the result of a parasite rather like a tapeworm that he had personally encountered before but only in people of Chinese ethnicity. The problem is observed more commonly in China where it is thought it originated. The symptoms were exactly what Den had seen but the good news is that they will operate today and they would be greatly obliged if Dennis would inform mister Hope’s family of his condition.Dennis shook the man’s hand ,thanked him then set off to find the sister to thank her.

Dennis :” You do know sister that Nev, mister Hope, was in hospital not so long since when they told him he had developed a clot from an operation on his knee and that had caused the problem?” The sister smiled and told him that the consultant was an expert and, Den thought somewhat patronisingly said he had ,luckily for everyone concerned , found the true cause of mister Hope’s condition. We expect him to make a full recovery after the operation .Thankyou for your concern mister Paterson.

Dennis ‘phoned Moxey to explain Nev was in safe hands .

Moxey :” You’ve let Pru know what’s going on?”

Dennis :”Yes and tried not to give her a fright with all the stuff about tapeworms ,which wasn’t easy!”

Moxey :” Is she coming over then Den?”

Dennis :”Yes.She was making plans for the bairns when we talked.I’m wondering if I should stay here until she arrives.I don’t think she’s been in this neck of the woods before ”

Moxey :” Sounds like a plan Den.”

Sara had discussed Nev’s hospitalisation with Pru and then passed on the gist to Oz.

Oz :” So Pru is going to Newcastle to see Nev?”

Sara :” As we speak Oz. This parasite was first identified in China and is thought to have its origins in certain breeds of pig. It made me think again about Uncle Charlie’s instructions to Nev to avoid Chinese.”

Oz :” Bit late now pet .But the good news is we’ll have our old Nev back soon.”Sara looked at Oz , her eyes wide open .

Sara :”I really hope you’re right Oz but do we know what the after effects of brain surgery might be especially when the patient is an older person?”

Oz :” Dear me pet, let’s look on the bright side eh?”

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by Tracy » Thu Oct 27, 2022 10:24 pm

While they're at it, they should eliminate the toxins. :?

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by 936trt » Fri Oct 28, 2022 11:41 am

Neville has regained consciousness and sees a nurse smiling down at him.She asks him if he feels well. Nev nodded.

Neville “I’m fine nurse but I could do with a drink?”She offered him a cup with attached straw and watched him as he was drinking.

Nurse :”you must have a lot of friends mister Hope , lots of people asking after you. A Tarquin Pearce has been very insistent. Is he a close friend?” Nev smiled.

Neville :” Not close but we’ve known each other a long time.”

Nurse :” Your wife has been asking after you too.”

Neville :” Is there a ‘phone I can use please?”

Pru is chatting with Sara about Nev’s condition.

Pru :” I heard from him this morning, he’s as well as can be expected but unhappy to be staying in the hospital for the rest of the week.”

Sara :” It was a serious operation but if he’s raring to go that’s a good sign isn’t it?”

Pru :” Yes to both sentiments. Change of subject Sara ,have you or Oz heard anything recently about Tarquin Pearce ?”

Sara :” Not recently.Why do you ask?”

Pru :” He’s been very solicitous about Nev’s condition. So much so the ward sister contacted me. He’s never off the ‘phone by all accounts.” Sara started to laugh.

Sara :”You know what Oz would say?” They both laughed.

Pru :” I can guess , it would be a question about whether Nev was on the turn.” They both laughed again.

Sara :” Perhaps he should be asked if his intentions are honourable ?”

Pru :” Actually an explanation would be a good thing because Nev has no idea why he’s chasing him .”

The following day while Pru was on her hospital duty she was able to intercept a call from Tarquin .She raised the question with him but far from providing an answer it seemed to create more questions .Tarquin maintained he was very concerned about Neville ,feeling guilty because he believed it was his fault Nev was in hospital.

Pru :”You told me it was your intervention that saved his life not so long ago, what are you saying now?”

Tarquin :”If I’d been concentrating I should never have allowed the guy to get so close. I’ve been over it a hundred times in my head. I’m sure he would have sufficient material for a lethal dose.” Pru was wondering what other things he hadn’t told her. There was more to this than he’d let on.

Pru :“ Do you know why this chap targeted Neville?” Tarquin looked at her and nodded.

Tarquin :”We know they have a list and my name and Neville’s ,along with other known associates are on it. They believed that Neville was working with me and I am told we have been seen together often enough to create that impression.” Pru was very angry.

Pru :”You miserable bastard. You knew he could be a target and said nothing?”

Tarquin :” I told you I was working for the DEA and I told them and they said it wasn’t deemed a risk.”

Pru :”So this is all related to your recent activities, so does it mean that I’m a target too?”

Tarquin :”Pru I’m very sorry but there was nothing I could do. I can confirm the department have had you and your family under surveillance since that incident.”

Pru is at Nevilles hospital bedside.

Pru :” So you’re happy now you know you’re being discharged ?”

Neville :”Don’t be sarky pet, you know I’ve been going stir crazy in here.Anyway I’ve been thinking.” Pru rolled her eyes .” There you go again pet . Listen to me. You remember what uncle Charlie told me , well one of the things was I should talk to the guy I built walls for.”

Pru :”So what’s that got to do with anything?” It was Nev’s turn to roll his eyes.

Neville:”It’s got to be Ally Fraser and he’s got his fingers in all sorts. He probably knows who these fellas are that Tarquin’s been chasing.”

Pru :” Do you think that’s a safe thing to do Nev. We are talking about a serious villain here?”

Neville :” I reckon it’s got to be worth a shot, after all do you really buy the Tarquin theory about the hit list?”

Pru :”Well it’s feasible ,as theories go.”

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by Tracy » Tue Nov 01, 2022 5:17 pm

Ally Fraser ?! I mighta noon it'd be that old bastard !

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by 936trt » Sun Nov 06, 2022 12:19 pm

Dennis had ‘phoned Oz to get his view on his concerns about Pru’s behaviour.

Oz :” So hang on Paterson ,you say you have a problem with Pru?”

Dennis :” Hey Oz, this is no laughing matter this is our mates’ wife we’re talking about. I’m saying something’s not right!”

Oz :” Den,Den, slow down and explain it to me again.”

Dennis :” It was afterwards ,when I thought about it.I had the feeling she was acting differently somehow. She seemed to be saying one thing but thinking something different. Then there was the conversation with the nurse .”

Oz :” What nurse is this Den?”

Dennis :” I thought the ward sister was giving me the runaround when I asked how Nev was, but just before I left one of the nurses stopped me and said something I didn’t quite get, about me being a good friend and being concerned about Nev ,and perhaps we might be interested in this group that help people with substance dependencies, and she gave me a card .”

Oz :” Still doesn’t make a lot of sense Den, Nev’s never been into drugs as long as I’ve known him.”

Dennis :” Exactly, but then I had thought Pru would be upset and asking me about Nev , yet she was more concerned about what the hospital had told me about him.”

Oz :” Isn’t that the same thing Den?”

Dennis :”Nah, I expected her to ask me how he was when I saw him.”

Oz :” But she didn’t?”

Dennis :”Nah. Don’t you think that’s ,well, strange?” There was a pause while Oz tried to understand what he’d just heard.

Oz :” It does seem a bit off. So you left her there, do you know where she’s staying?”

Dennis :” No idea kiddah. She just asked me to leave her there.She said she wanted to be alone with Nev .” Oz was even more puzzled.

Oz :”Is that all she said?”

Dennis :”Aye. Oz this seems very strange to me ,what do you reckon.She has no friends or family round here?”

Oz :” I’m coming over Den. I’ll let you know my flight .We’ll go to see Nev.”

Kenny Brown has reported on Neville’s hospitalisation to Chris.

Kenny :” Nev is in good hands at the moment but I have to tell you ,Tarquin Pearce has been talking with his wife. We’re wondering if there is something else going on.”

Chris :” It’s interesting that he should be talking to Pru. It’s common knowledge the DEA have a concern about the hiatus in the Caribbean after Fraser’s withdrawal. I wonder if Tarquin knows something we don’t? Do you know Fraser’s whereabouts Kenny?”

Kenny :” I can find out and get back to you.”

Den met Oz at the airport and they made their way to the hospital. They explained to the receptionist they were visiting mister Hope, only to be told they’d missed him. He had discharged himself and she added it was unfortunate because his wife had also missed him .The good news however was that he was going to recuperate on a friends’ yacht. Oz and Den looked at each other and simultaneously said “Fraser”.

On board the Nomad Nev was being treated to the very best service, orders from mister Fraser he was told. He was sat in the lounge with Alistair ,washing down a very nice lunch with a very nice chilled white wine.

Fraser :” So Neville ,I owe this visit to the deliberations of your medicine man ?” Nev laughed ,a little nervously.

Neville :”Well ,that’s the way I understood him ,you see he speaks in riddles usually, you have to read between the lines.”

Fraser :” Do you have any idea what he thinks we may have to discuss?” Nev started shuffling nervously in his seat.

Neville :” I haven’t mister Fraser.” Fraser interrupted .

Fraser :” Neville ,I said earlier we are friends are we not . Call me Ally or even Alistair.” Nev laughed and nodded.

Neville :”I think he believes that you know something that would explain this whatever it is, that’s been bugging me for weeks.” Fraser smiled and nodded.

Fraser :”I believe he may be right. I will explain.More wine?” Nev smiled as Fraser filled their glasses. “ It is well known in certain circles that I withdrew my interests in the Caribbean some time ago. Some new players have since emerged and some part of this is down to you Neville or strictly speaking you and your wife.” Nev was at a complete loss and it showed.

Neville :” I haven idea what you mean Ally.” Fraser smiled.

Fraser :” Some years ago a younger Neville Hope and Pru Scott Johns installed a shipping identification system around the coast of Cuba. There was huge interest from several quarters at the time not the least being shown by our American friends with a vested interest in their facility at Guantanamo.” Neville’s astonishment was apparent.

Neville :”That whole thing was in agreement with the Cuban government. We were volunteered because we were OED and it was seen to be a good thing, increased safety for those potentially in peril on the sea.” Fraser laughed.

Fraser :’ Of course Nev, and I’m sure everyone bought it, very necessary up to the minute designs of the transponders and so on and so on.It is a very intel sensitive part of the world and all were happy to have additional safety. However someone has been able to use the system to their advantage.”

Neville :” I don’t understand Ally, what has this got to do with me ,or my wife for that matter?”

Fraser :”Patience Neville. I will explain.Briefly ,as I’m sure you know, the system at it’s most basic identifies vessels when they come within a certain range ,unless of course they don’t transmit an identifying code. It is believed that some vessels can be rendered invisible -a useful feature if your business is illegal ,moreover those not in the know can find themselves talking to the police and customs .”

Neville :”I’m still no wiser Alistair.”

Fraser :”This requires a knowledge of the radio frequencies involved. I’m not an expert but it seems clear someone has been able to intercept or jam, to game the system somehow.” Neville looked at Fraser shaking his head.” Someone has pointed a finger in your direction, but I happen to know you are not personally involved.” Neville frowned.

Neville :”So you said you would explain?”

Fraser :”You’ve not had a very happy time recently have you, what with a knee operation ,a suspected blood clot and then an attempted poisoning?” Nev nodded .

Neville :” You seem to know a lot about my medical history?”

Fraser :”The hospital laboratory had to subcontract one of your blood tests because they don’t have the right bit of kit in house. You may be surprised to know that in addition to the exotic things discovered there was also evidence of long term presence of benzodiazepines.”

Neville :” Obviously a mistake.” Fraser shook his head.

Fraser :” That was my thought too ,so I had it checked Neville.” Neville was mystified.

Neville:”How did you…..?” Fraser interrupted again.

Fraser :”It doesn’t matter ,I have contacts and I was worried ,so I consulted with a medical friend of mine.He suggested that what has been bugging you recently to use your words, the erratic behaviour you mentioned ,could be attributed to this material. He told me It is known to mimic the symptoms of dementia when administered like this ,long term.”

Neville :”You mean I’ve been poisoned twice?” Fraser nodded.” Will I get better, will the symptoms go away?”Fraser smiled and put a hand on Nev’s arm

Fraser :”Yes ,as it passes out of your system you should make a complete recovery, provided no more is administered.”

Neville :” I don’t understand how it was administered ?”

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by Tracy » Fri Nov 11, 2022 5:22 pm

I bet Den still fancies that nurse ! :P

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

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The recently retired inspector Fredo has ‘phoned Amesec in order to speak with Christian Norris.

Chris :” Good morning inspector, how are you?”

Fredo :” I am very well mister Norris but must point out I am no longer inspector .I have retired from the force ,it is now just Fredo. I very much wish to speak with you on an urgent matter and request that we do so in person. I can meet with you at what was mister Taylors favourite restaurant ,within the hour. I will explain everything then.” Chris was intrigued and agreed to the meeting. He was curious to know what could cause the normally placid Fredo to behave so strangely.
As he approached the restaurant Fredo was sitting in plain view at a table facing the sea.He rose to his feet as Chris approached, hand outstretched.

Chris :” You sounded worried on the ‘phone my friend ,what can I do ?”

Fredo :” Thank you for coming mister Norris.” Chris interrupted .

Chris :” Please, call me Chris. Shall I order something?”

Fredo :” No, no I will take care of this. Is coffee fine for you?” He waved to a nearby waiter and ordered more coffee .” I apologise for the mystery but you will understand as I explain.” He poured coffee for them both and composed himself.
”You will recall that almost two years ago Heather Lane and her assistant were jailed?” Chris nodded sipping his coffee.” Well I still have some friends in the force and one recently informed me that Linda Katrizky has been released on parole at the insistence of Europol.” Chris looked puzzled.

Chris :”How on earth has this happened ?” Fredo shook his head.

Fredo :”My informant believes that the intervention from Europol can be traced to an individual who is known to have close links to Heather Lane.”

Chris :” I remember there was mention of corruption within Europol some time ago.” Fredo was nodding in agreement.

Fredo :” There is no way that arrest was compromised ,which is what has been suggested. I come to the conclusion there is more to this than meets the eye.So I went back to my colleague with a further request to supply me with detailed id for both women.”

Chris :” Your colleague obviously feels strongly about this ?”

Fredo :” Indeed, he was the arresting officer and worked with Kenny Brown at the scene.His reputation is also at stake and when he realised there was significant confusion over the identity of the prisoner released ,was at pains to clear it up.” Chris was frowning at this.

Chris :”You’ll have to explain this to me Fredo, I’m not following you.”

Fredo :” My colleague saw a copy of the paperwork covering the release and there is a clear description of a well built blonde which does not relate to the id we have for Linda Katrizky. It could however be a description of Heather Lane!”

Chris :” My recollection is that her assistant was thin, and dark haired ?” Fredo nodded in agreement.

Fredo :”When I asked over the ‘phone for the id’s he refused ,suggesting instead we meet face to face .He explained his preference was because he had reservations about the security of our ‘phones. He did however bring copies of the identity documents for both women. It certainly looks as though Heather Lane is free.”

Chris :” You seem sure of this Fredo?” He nodded.

Fredo :”To be absolutely certain we would need to confirm the identity of the woman still detained .Is this something your man Kenny Brown could achieve discreetly ,without attracting too much attention ?”

Chris :” It is certainly something that Kenny could tackle. I will explain he must ensure no connection can be made to you or your department .” Chris looked at Fredo with a concerned expression “ Tell me Fredo, you must be worried about her motives?” Fredo chuckled.

Fredo :” I’ve had my share of some disgruntled and some crazy criminals but if it is Heather Lane on the loose so to speak, then we must all take note.”

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by Tracy » Wed Nov 16, 2022 4:56 am


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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by 936trt » Thu Nov 17, 2022 1:05 pm

Dagmar ‘phoned Dennis as he and Oz were heading to Tynemouth.

Dennis :” Hello pet .Problem?”

Dagmar :” Hello Dennis is Oz with you?” Den could immediately tell from her tone she was emotional.

Dennis :” He is ,what’s the matter, you sound upset?” She replied ,very tearfully.

Dagmar :”It’s not me it’s Sara ,she is in a very bad state.Tell Oz he must talk to her,she can’t reach him on his ‘phone, it’s about Brian, it’s urgent.”

Dennis :” He’s here with me ,we’re on our way to see Fraser, shall I put him on?” Den could hear that Dagmar was now actually crying .

Dagmar :” I’m so very sorry.” She hung up.Den looked across to Oz who’d been listening.

Oz :’ What’s up Den?”

Dennis :” Phone your Sara now. She’s been trying to reach you. It’s urgent, it’s about your Brian.”

It was Den’s turn to listen to a one sided conversation, but he didn’t have long to wait.

Oz :” Sorry Den I have to go back.Brian’s in hospital .They don’t think he’s going to make it.”Oz looked pale.

Dennis drove back back to the airport and as Oz got out of the car Den spoke to him.

Dennis :” I’m really sorry Oz, but y’kna they can do amazing things these days, let’s look on the bright side.” Oz turned and gave Den a half hearted smile .

Oz :” You get yersel’ over to Tynemouth and sort out this thing with Nev and Fraser. I’ll be alright.See ya.”

The journey to the coast didn’t seem to take long.Den’s mind was in a whirl and as he approached the Nomad he could see someone was watching him.He locked the car and made his way to the moorings but as he attempted to step on board a well built individual barred his way. Dennis was looking at two hands ,palms within a few inches of his face when he heard a familiar voice shouting “Thank you mister Dobromovich, he is welcome on board.” It was Ally Fraser.

Fraser :” Come and join us and have a seat Dennis, long time no see.Can I offer you some refreshment.I trust you are in good health?”

Dennis :’ Mustn’t grumble Ally.” Den could see Neville slumped in a chair behind Fraser.

Fraser :” I can see you’re concerned about Neville.Your presence at this time is very welcome. I’m afraid I’ve had to give him some very bad news. It’s probably timely, I'll leave you two for a few minutes.” As he rose to go he put a hand on Den’s shoulder and inclined his head toward Nev. “He’s at a very low point in his life Dennis so anything you can do.”

With assistance from Chris’s contacts at the embassy he was able to get permission to undertake a fact finding mission within a certain prison in the Malaga area.Kenny was playing the part of an expert on penal reform anxious to take advantage of the advice from the people his US superiors assured him Malaga penitentiary would be happy to offer.

Kenny was able to report tp Chris within a day that he had been successful.

Kenny :” That is a whole half day of my life that I’ll never get back boss.” Chris was smiling as Kenny related his exploits over the ‘phone.

Chris :” But it was a fruitful trip wasn’t it?”

Kenny :”Yes, I saw a woman answering the description of Linda Katrizky. There was no attempt at a cover up.The system there is very open to abuse, but frankly the guy on duty at the time of her release is not, shall we say one of the best.”

Chris :” Nevertheless we can confirm Heather Lane has escaped?”

Kenny :” Indeed. It seems to me the clever part was in the paperwork, gaming the bureaucracy. They’re all slaves to the system .Nobody checked because there was no reason for them to suspect a switch could be made.”

Dennis had never seen Nev in such a state . He looked inconsolable as Den sat down beside him.

Dennis :” Nev lad, howay man, talk to me ,tell me what’s up?” Nev raised a tear stained face red eyed from weeping .

Neville :” I should have known Den, all the signs were there I just never cottoned on.”

Dennis :” Never cottoned onto what Nev?”

Neville :”All her bloody scheming, the lies, living another life. How can I explain this to the twins, their mother is a lying crook?”

Dennis :” Where are the bairns by the way ?”

Neville :” They’re with Debbie.She arranged for her to look after them before she came over here.” Nev was shaking his head and clenching and unclenching his fists.” Do you know she’s been putting stuff in my food for months and I never knew." He looked at Den ,the expression on his face making Den feel close to tears.” I thought I was going off my head and apparently that was the plan.”He broke down and slumped over in his seat again.Den realised there was nothing he could do.He looked up to see Fraser watching them both.

Fraser :” Poor lad’s going to need expert help but I don’t know what we can do about the children.”

Dennis :” They’re with Nev’s eldest daughter right now, that’s probably the best place at the moment.So what is it you have in mind for him?”

Fraser :”It’s in hand ,there’re some people coming here later who are experts with these situations.I’ll arrange a place for Nev in their clinic .It’s not far from here, up toward Berwick..”

Dennis :” Have you had any thoughts about Pru, she’s still on the loose y’kna?”

Fraser :” I left a message on Fredo’s personal mobile. There is an immediate problem because of her close relations with the Feds.It could make it difficult to ensure she doesn’t get wind of what we’re doing.” Dobro poked his head around the door.

Dobro :” Mister Fraser there is a woman here who wants to see you.”

Fraser :” Who is it Dobro?” Dobro disappeared for a few seconds and then re appeared.

Dobro :” She says she knows you ,her name is Nikki Myles and she can help, she says she knows about the woman in prison.”

Dennis :” Shovels of shite, that’s all we need right now ,that bloody Myles woman!”Fraser had stood up and made calming gestures at Den.

Fraser :” No .no Dennis, she could prove to be very useful to us. Show her in Dobro and fetch some more glasses and another bottle of white wine.”

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Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Post by Tracy » Sat Nov 19, 2022 5:08 am

That'll cheer Nev up :D

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