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A Concerted Effort

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Wed May 26, 2021 12:12 pm

When Oz arrived back at the New Castle he found a visitor having coffee with his wife.

Sara :” Hello Oz, we have an unexpected guest.”

Oz :” Well ,how de do Chris. How are things ?”

Chris :”I’ve been trying to explain to Sara ,the circumstances of Wyman’s death are proving difficult to understand but Kenny and his guys are making progress, I wouldn’t say it’s over yet by any means.”

Oz :” We’re all at a loss Chris.”

Chris :”I really felt I had to come here to see you. All of you.” Oz was about to speak but Sara took his hand ,with a slight shake of her head.

Sara :” It has been a sad time for you Chris and we sympathise. You do know if there is anything you need, just ask.”

Chris :” That’s very kind and it’s more or less what I’ve learned to expect from you people. I’m sure this is what made the difference for Wyman ,the feeling of family.That’s why I’m here. My connection to you, to you all, was through your friendship with Wyman. I want that friendship to continue, what you did for Wyman over the years ,it means a lot to me.”

Sara :” I’m sure all those who knew Wyman would be happy to know you said that.”

Oz :” That’s wonderful to hear and I’m sure Sara speaks for all of us. If there’s anything we can do, all you have to do is ask.”

Detlef has been in Newcastle almost a week chasing down leads ,most of them fruitless.He paid another visit to the Gupta family taxi business having missed Ali on the first occasion.

Detlef :” Good morning mister Gupta I’m sorry I didn't get to see you on my last visit. I’m Detlef , Dennis Patterson’s son.”

Ali :” Please call me Ali. I must apologise for earlier but I’ve had a lot on my plate recently.What can I do for you Detlef?”

Detlef :” My dad always speaks with fond memories of his time working for your father. Although life was difficult he could always rely on him.” Ali looked up at that and Detlef thought he could detect a faint smile around Ali’s very tired eyes.

Ali :” I’m sure that is the case and I thank you for the thought, however I’m sure you didn’t just come here to reminisce and I’m sure you’re as aware I that there was some friction between them toward the end of his time here.” Detlef had to re assess the situation.

Detlef :” Would you like to describe the friction between them?” Ali sighed and looked at his watch.

Ali :” It’s common knowledge that the gangs have targeted your father and I guess that’s why you’re here.It’s plastered all over the papers. You must know about your fathers’ relationship with Tommy Rampton?”

Detlef :” You’re correct Ali ,that’s why I’m here. Please tell me what you know.”Ali closed his eyes and sighed.

Ali :” My father told me a story which I will now tell you.Dennis had been fired from one job after another and reached a stage where he was unemployable because of his drinking. There was talk of a fight on a building site over comments made about his wife. The foreman fired Dennis for being drunk apparently. His marriage had failed, his wife was unfaithful .I’m not being judgemental here ,just telling a story. He was in huge debt ,mainly down to the first wife I was told when he was offered a way out. To clear the debt all he had to do was drive this chap to Liverpool ,and back.No questions.”

Detlef :” This would be the early days of the Rampton drug business?” Ali nodded.

Ali :” It didn’t stop there however.” Detlef shook his head.

Detlef :” These things rarely do.” Ali nodded again.

Ali :”You are correct. It didn’t stop and Rampton made sure Dennis had no escape by keeping Dens’ drinking habits in the public domain. It was also known he’d burned his way through his savings so it was no surprise he became Rampton’s chauffeur .”

Detlef :” You’re saying Rampton coerced Dennis ?”

Ali :” One of dad’s old drivers knew something about Dennis’s previous life ,he had been friendly with the ex wife of one of Dennis’s oldest friends. This woman lived in Carlisle, she may still be there .I can let you have the address the driver gave us. It’s a safe bet she will have more information than I have.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Wed May 26, 2021 7:07 pm

Now ya gettin warm !!! :?

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Sun May 30, 2021 11:22 am

After Detlef had thanked Ali for his time he wandered back to his hotel to find he’d had a message from Dennis.

Detlef :” Hi daddy what’s the problem?” There was pause , Detlef could picture Dennis’s face ,he knew he hated being called dad.

Dennis :” Now then smart arse is everything okay?”

Detlef :” As you said there’d be a lot of chasing round for little effect ,but I’m getting there.”

Dennis :” We had an interesting call from Vicky just now. She heard from a manager she’s known for years who looks after the Gosforth branch.She’s called Valerie and you should see her as soon as you can. I’ll give you directions.”

Detlef :” Hello Valerie ,I gather you’re expecting me,I’m Detlef, Dennis Patersons son.” Valerie looked him up and down and smiled.

Valerie :” Aye ,you have the look of Dennis, and a bit like a copper ,am I right?”Detlef laughed.

Detlef :” You’re not the first to say that. I’m glad you could find the time to see me. Vicky told Dennis you saw something yesterday in town?”

Valerie :” Why lad, you get straight to the point, mind I like that.” It was her turn to smile.” Dennis was a bit that way, mind it’s few years since I saw him though but.”

Detlef :” I didn’t know you were acquainted ?”

Valerie :” Don’t go jumping to conclusions mister policeman, it’s just I used to work out of the salon in the Haymarket back in the day and I would see Dennis now and then when he dropped Vicky off, he was working for Ally Fraser at the time. Anyway as I was telling Vicky there’s something going on and I don’t mean what’s in the papers.”

Detlef :” Vicky told Dennis you’d overheard something?”

Valerie :” Aye I did bonny lad ,don’t be in such a rush, let me tell the story. I’d just come back from the wholesalers ,you wouldn’t believe the price of conditioner these days, and I was having a coffee with my mate Muriel in the back room of the salon when we heard this shouting .Muriel stopped me from going into the front and told me to be quiet.That’s when I heard the argument.” Detlef made no comment ,he just looked expectantly at Valerie.” The bossy one was telling the thin dark haired one not to be a silly bitch and just write what she told her and not tell the coppers anything.”

Detlef :” Did you get a look at the bossy one?”

Valerie :” Just a glance in the mirror as she was leaving but I’d say a good meal and a night’s sleep wouldn’t be a bad idea.A natural blonde, very thin, recovering from something I would say, wearing her mothers’ last years two piece ,and a non smoker.”

Detlef :” And the woman she was talking to?”

Valerie :”Muriel says she’s been in the salon before, but I’m sure I’ve seen her somewhere. I know! I’ve seen her picture in the papers, she’s the one doing the thing about the people smugglers.”

Detlef :” Anything else you recall Valerie ?’

Valerie :” We saw her leave and we all know the car or should I say the driver. He really fancies himself ,dark glasses ,white shirt ,black tie. Brings his bosses girl friend there once week according to Muriel.”

Detlef :” Who is he ?”

Valerie :” Hold yer water lad. “ She stopped talking to answer her ‘phone. She now had a worried look.She replaced the handset on her desk.” You came here after you’d seen Ali Gupta?”

Detlef :”I did .Why?”

Valerie :”You were followed .”

Detlef :” I don’t think so.”

Valerie :” Trust me pet . It’s one of Gupta’s taxis, one of his lads runs errands for the Rampton woman and he’s been parked over the road since you got here.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Sun May 30, 2021 5:28 pm


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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Wed Jun 02, 2021 12:57 pm

Detlef made his apologies and promised to go straight back to his hotel. The taxi followed him but didn’t wait outside. Once in his room Detlef tried to ‘phone Dennis , Dagmar answered.

Dagmar “ Detlef, is everything okay?”

Detlef :” Everything is fine mother, please don’t worry. I am making slow progress but it is clear that a lot of planning has gone into this .I have to say up to now everyone is very friendly especially when I mention Dennis’s name.”Dagmar laughed.

Dagmar :” It has always been like that, ever since I first saw him in Dusseldorf.”

Detlef :” There are things I’m learning about Dennis that frankly I’d rather not.”

Dagmar :” That’s an awful thing to say Detlef, Dennis deserves better than that from you .”

Detlef :” No, no mother you misunderstand, I have the greatest respect for him ,what I mean is, life was very bad at that time ,he lost his job, his wife …” He never finished, Dagmar interrupted.

Dagmar :” I know some of what you speak and it’s better Dennis does not learn you know. Everything he did was for his children ,that much is certain.”

Detlef :” I have another trip to make but I already have much I can pass on to inspector Fredo when I return.”

Dagmar :”Take care Detlef.”

Detlef had a stroke of luck with the address Ali had given him.It turned out to be a residence attached to a filling station on the motorway near Carlisle. Fortunately the cashier who answered was able to point him in the right direction .Marjorie had left the cashiers job to open a B&B the previous year so he was given new directions and a telephone number and told to pass on her felicitations when he met with Marjorie. After changing his vehicle at the car hire company giving a lack of power as the excuse, he set out heading west with some trepidation after a brief conversation with Marjorie.

Marjorie :” Well, well, well, now that I see you there is definitely the look of Dennis, a younger Dennis though but.”

Detlef :” I’m very grateful that you agreed to meet with me ,can I call you Marjorie?”

Marjorie :” You can pet, everyone else does.Come on in you ,want tea or coffee?”

Detlef :’ Coffee will be fine thank you. I hope I’m not interrupting ,your friend at the filling station said you run a B&B and it’s very busy this time of year.”

Marjorie :” It should be busier but not to worry.So what can I help you with?”

Detlef :”You will have seen the story in the papers?”

Marjorie :” I have but surely you don’t believe it, that’s not why you’ve come all this way?” She gave Detlef a look of incredulity.

Detlef :” Dennis and in fact all of his immediate friends are in danger. The local Spanish police are aware of threats made against them related to events in the Newcastle area which are unfounded.Dennis is no more a people smuggler or drug dealer than you or I.” Marjorie gave Detlef a look that spoke volumes.

Marjorie :”Whoever is behind this story has done their homework.Dennis was associated with Tommy Rampton a known drug dealer, since succeeded by his widow. She has never been happy since Dennis had Tommy roughed up, she says. I know because he told everyone it was Oz and I had to move house when they found out I’d been married to the bugger. That established Dennis as a drug baron. Next thing he was the gaffer on the Bridge job in Middlesbrough and responsible for smuggling hundreds of Albanians across from Europe. You can see why the story got legs.”

Detlef :”We both know that’s not Dennis .” Marjorie looked at Detlef with the hint of a smile around her lips.

Marjorie :” I reckon you don’t know too much about your dad’s past, would I be right?” It was Detlef’s turn to smile.

Detlef :” I know he came back for my mother and she’s never been so happy.”

Marjorie :” I’m really glad ,I’m so pleased to hear you say that pet.” Detlef detected more than a hint of emotion in her voice.” Marjorie gave a her face a vigorous rub and sat up straight in her chair.” You know your Dad and the lads paid a visit a few years back ,they were on their way up to Scotland and I saw Oz with his personal assistant. I’m wandering again that’s what our Rod used to say.” She poured more coffee for them both and looked Detlef in the eyes.” What are you trying to do Detlef?”

Detlef :” I know there is a plan to divert attention from the real villains and it began with the newspaper story about Dennis. I have a good idea who is behind that and now understand the widow Rampton, Janine ,is a player in the drug business. The mister big of people trafficking spends some of his time in the north east but keeps a low profile. And that’s as far as I’ve got up to now.”

Marjorie :”You do know people still talk about Ally Fraser in this neck of the woods,I don’t hear much these days but I did hear he has a boat ,a big boat and he was seen recently.”

Detlef :” That would be in the Newcastle area?”

Marjorie :”He favoured Tyne mouth but that was in the days when he was trying to impress our Vicky. Do you see anything of her ,she lives with Kenny Ames doesn’t she?”

Detlef :” Not a lot ,you remember I spend most of my time in Miami .”

Marjorie :” So you won’t know how Oz is doing either?”

Detlef :”Fine as far as I know, just going back to Fraser, when did you say he was seen?”

Marjorie :”I didn’t say, but it was ten days ago .I‘d had a ‘phone call from my financial advisor ,he used to do a bit for Ally when he was dealing in fruit machines, he said he’d been seen entertaining in town one night.”

Detlef :” So Fraser parks his boat in Tyne mouth?”

Marjorie :” That’s your next stop Detlef?”

Detlef :”It’s worth a look and it is on my way back.”

Marjorie :” If you see him don’t tell him you’re Dennis’ lad.”

Detlef :” Why would I do that?”

Marjorie :”I’m just sayin’ ,you know Den took some cash from Fraser?”

Detlef :” No I didn’t, but does it matter ,that would be years ago?”

Marjorie :”Den used to tell everyone it went on two divorces and a new pair of shoes.”

Detlef :”I take it this was a significant amount?”

Marjorie :” Yes, but you need to know he never spent it on himself.Den’s always been one of those lads who feels guilty about everything, even when he’s not to blame.Even after he couldn’t get work because of his drinking.”

Detlef :” Marjorie, how do you know all this?”

Marjorie :” I was in a bar one night and overheard someone bragging about a money tree. All she had to do was shake a branch she said. I recognised her before she saw me. When she wanted a new dress, or time in the sun she’d say the bairns needed new shoes. She had a bloke ,not the brightest button but kept her happy in bed she said.”

Detlef :” I don’t understand ,if it’s Dennis you’re talking about why did he continue to pay her?”

Marjorie :” I told you man,’cos he feels guilty about everything. Anyway when the money ran out so did she ,and the worst was the kids thought Dennis was a shit .She’d brainwashed them for years about what a bad father he was. As I heard from Brenda Hope he left the lass in Germany because he felt responsible for Kevin and Angela, the two kids who now wouldn’t give him the time of day.”

Detlef :” Why are you telling me this Marjorie?”

Marjorie :”Because Dennis wouldn’t and you need to know. There is nobody else around now and I’m pretty sure Oz never knew the whole story anyway. Please do your best to make sure Den gets a fair deal.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Wed Jun 02, 2021 6:47 pm

"Because you need to know man !" :lol: Felicitations indeed !!!

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Thu Jun 10, 2021 12:45 pm

As Detlef checked out of the hotel part of him was looking forward to his journey to Tynemouth. Looking at his map the previous night he realised he could pass close to Hadrians wall if he wished. Most of the scenery he’d driven through these last few days was eye opening and very different to the parts of Florida he’d got used to.

Since his visit with Marjorie he had been able to plan ahead with some degree of confidence. Learning about the relationship between Barbara Hunt and Nikki Myles had put the newspaper article framing Dennis into better perspective.However he had not expected the dilemma now confronting him about divulging Dennis’s past. All his life he had been completely open with Dagmar as she had been with him and this was testing his resolve. As he drove he realised the main reason for this trip had been pushed to one side by these personal issues.
It was something of a relief when he reached Tynemouth and made his way to the marina, he could concentrate on the task ahead and put his other problems to one side.His plan once the car was parked, was to find a vantage point close to the long term moorings.There was a bar serving light meals and he chose a seat away from the more populous area to ensure a view unrestricted by tables with parasols.He made a mental note to query the climate information he had been given by Dennis .
He walked along both sides of the mooring area and noted three vessels that satisfied his criteria.Two were Spanish and a third intrigued him as it appeared to be from Casablanca ,named Nomad. He was able to confirm this from his laptop from the registration details once he was seated.The waitress was very happy to take his order and confirmed they were all very pleased to be back full time after being closed for so long.He felt like a bone fida tourist kitted out with camera, binoculars, and a bright yellow shirt.

The waitress returned with his food and questions about his plans. He muttered something about wild birds after which she left him alone.

Occasionally he trained his binoculars out to sea and traversed the view back to the adjacent moorings.He was awarded a glimpse of a young girl on the bridge of the Nomad who promptly disappeared below deck. The waitress took away the remains of his lunch and brought coffee.At this point his lap top informed him he had email.It was from Fredo and confirmed the two Spanish vessels were of no interest.Sipping his coffee he was considering a leisurely walk along the mooring and risking a photograph when there was a commotion with raised voices as several people appeared on the bridge of the Nomad.
Two girls and three young men with identical blue shirts which Detlef took to indicate they were crew members , were being told off by a thick set older man with a black polo neck .They all deferred to him except one and voices were raised again.There was a splash and more shouting .Detlef stood up and wandered toward the moorings, camera at the ready.The commotion had clearly annoyed someone below deck who was now asking what was going on in a very loud voice. Attempts were being made to retrieve the young girl who had fallen or been pushed overboard. Detlef had taken several shots when the loud guy made an appearance and Detlef recognised him.It was Ally Fraser. Detlef returned to his seat and coffee, and immediately sent the pictures to Fredo.

The Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles received a hand written letter listing details of two gentlemen who would be resident at a certain hotel in the Argentine Lake District at a time and date some two weeks in the future.While letters and communications of this type were not unusual the background attributed to these two was ,and it set alarm bells ringing.

The elderly gentlemen in question were taking a walk in the hotel gardens some two weeks later when they were approached very discreetly by an extremely polite and apologetic Argentinian detective who proffered his ID and insisted he and his colleague escort them both to safety as his section head had evidence they were in grave danger. The concierge had instructions to bring their luggage to the waiting car and assured them not to be concerned about leaving early, all arrangements had been made.Jurgen was woken by Klaus many hours later, clearly distressed.

Klaus :” Jurgen wake up ,we have been abducted.” Jurgen struggled to open his eyes and looked out of the aircraft window.

Jurgen :” Where are we brother?” He was looking down at a distant coastline .

Klaus :” I am guessing that is the coast of north Africa .I remember very little after leaving the hotel.”

Jurgen :”If that is so, I can guess where we are going.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Fri Jun 11, 2021 7:36 pm

Plenty of work down there, afterall, they built the Pyramids didn't they ?! :lol:

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Sun Jun 20, 2021 2:06 pm

Neville called in to check on Dennis.

Neville : ” So you say Fredo has been on the ‘phone?”

Dennis :” Aye he was asking how I was and if I could get down to his office.”

Neville :” Any particular reason ?”

Dennis :” He didn’t go into detail only that it was important.”

Neville :” Well since I’m here I’ll give you a lift if you want?”

Dennis :” Champion kiddah ,it’ll get it out of the way .Give us a minute and I’ll be with you.”

In Fredo’s office there is an embarrassed silence.

Fredo :”I am sorry but I have to ask these questions you understand ,under the circumstances .”

Dennis :”Look inspector ,we have known Kenny Ames for years and the idea that he is now linked with Fraser in some criminal activity is daft, especially knowing their history.”

Fredo :”Would you be more inclined to believe there is animosity between them?”

Neville :” If I might answer that inspector, it’s true they were once as thick as thieves but that was years ago.Since that time Mr Ames has built up a very successful business and you know his relationship with Vicky .That might be a starting point for any animosity as she and Fraser were an item in the past.”

Dennis :” Aye that’s true but it was so long ago I can’t believe it’s relevant now.”

Fredo :” My records indicate during the eighties you were both here working for Alistair Fraser ?”

Dennis :” Where are you going with this inspector?” Fredo looked up as his sergeant entered the office, he waved him over and took the proffered message. Dennis watched his eyebrows raise as he read it.”What’s up inspector?”

Fredo :” There has been another journalistic drama and it has been televised ,as well. I will read the headline: Criminal elements hide in Spain behind secretive company.”

Neville :” If that’s the Myles woman again she wants stringing up!”

Fredo :” There is another aspect I find worrying personally ,it points to continuous police collusion since the time you were all here with Fraser.”

Dennis :” Is the secretive company they mention anything to do with Amesec?”

Fredo :” I can’t think of any other company that fits the facts. To quote directly ,the company was set up in the eighties and now has a global reach in the gathering of intelligence.”

Neville :”It just got worse. Chris will have to be told.”

Fredo :” I would be surprised if he didn’t have his people looking into this, I’m sure Amesec are on it already.”

Dennis :” You know we’ve always assumed we were the focus of attention .Maybe we were wrong.”

Fredo :” All the information from Detlef is designed to put you in the frame for the trafficking and drugs.”

Dennis :” But if Amesec was the target all along then discrediting us is just a step in that direction and that includes smearing Kenny Ames. We’re just collateral damage. Maybe the ultimate target is Chris owner of Amesec and head honcho of CWN?”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Tue Jun 22, 2021 12:31 am

Aye maybees. Maybees not though ! :o :lol:

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Thu Jun 24, 2021 10:55 am

Dennis had made arrangements by ‘phone for them to see the latest addition to the Osborne family. They were greeted by Oz at the door. After paying their respects Oz took them downstairs.

Oz :” Now then lads, ye here to wet the young’uns heed?”

Dennis :” Why aye man. Dagmar said mother and baby doing well, father not so well. What’s the problem?”

Neville :” You’re not under the weather are you Oz surely ,not yet?”

Oz :” Still can’t believe it’s over Nev . It just went on and on and on. If it was up to me I’d find another way. Dear oh dear what a carry on.” Dennis was chuckling.

Dennis:” Aye of course ,this’ll be your first time close up like then kiddah?” Oz frowned.

Neville :” Anyway they’re both ok. Have you decided on a name for him yet ?”

Oz :”I’ve a few ideas but I’ll wait to see how Sara feels before I run them past her. She’s feeling a bit knackered at the moment. Anyway what have you been up to while I was having this baby?” Den exchanged glances with Nev.

Dennis :” Maybe now isn’t the best time Oz.”

Oz :” Bollocks Den ,if it’s bad news let’s have it.”

Dennis :” Okay.It looks like someone is targeting Amesec and part of the plan is to discredit everyone involved including Kenny Ames as well as yours truly. Fredo has an idea it’s an attack on Chris but anyway we’re caught in the middle so to speak.”

Oz :” So who’s behind it?”

Neville :”Million dollar question Oz, it’s not clear .But for me what’s clear is I’m sick to death of it all.When you think about it Moxey and Barry did the right thing in getting away from this place.”

Dennis :” Howay man Nev it hasn’t all been bad has it ,we’ve been here nearly four years and by and large it’s been good ?”

Oz “ Well in fairness to mrs Hope it seemed like a good idea to me at the time ,Kenny had made us a really attractive offer and it was too good a chance to pass up at that time in our lives.”

Dennis :” Well it’s true it certainly focusses your attention when someone is trying to put out your lights. I have to agree with Nev on that point Oz ,for me it really took the gloss off . I really thought we could have done great things with the PCD thing, just like we thought with the Outreach idea.”

Neville :” I was just saying to our lass I reckon the happiest times we ever had seem to be before we came here ,and that’s not a criticism of you Oz, all the hassle there’s been had nowt to do with us really.” Oz closed his eyes and sighed.

Oz :” Aye well I’m sorry lads, in fact Sara was just asking how things were doing up here what with these recent threats and that and I have to say this new bairn has made me wonder if this is the right place to bring up a young’n.” Den and Nev exchanged looks.

Dennis :” We’re not hearing anything from Chris about this are we?”

Neville :” As I was coming out Pru told me Dagmar has had an email from him first thing ,something to do with major restructuring at the parent company.Apparently there’s been no word from the Stille brothers since they left for a holiday.”

Oz :” Anyone heard anything from Moxey or Barry?”

Neville :” Last I heard Moxey had gone to Scotland, and wasn’t Barry supposed to be meeting up with Naomi ?”

Dennis :” Aye Dagmar heard that contract for a job in New Zealand was near completion. They were both supposed to be meeting up with the yanks again.”

Oz :” I’d think twice before going anywhere near that neck of the woods after that last fiasco even if it was with the Australian boiler.”

Dennis :” Oz, she’s hardly a boiler, she’s been running the business out there for him.”

Oz :” Wouldn’t surprise me if he hadn’t slipped her a length though but.”

Neville :” Dear me lad ,you never change.”

Oz :” Now what have I said?” The sound of a baby crying brought the conversation to an end.

After leaving Oz to his parenting duties the two lads retired to Den’s garden facility .Den offered Nev a beer and they continued discussing their options.

Neville :” Of all the places we stayed Den which did you prefer ?”

Dennis :” I’ve just been thinking along the same lines Nev, you know our first gig with the OED was great.”

Neville :” Aye even with all the frost you got from Oz and the hassle I had with Tarquin bloody Pearce , Havana was beautiful , good climate, food and drink.”

Dennis :” Aye and the totty wasn’t bad either was it?”

Neville :” Maybe for you and Oz, there was no totty for me !”

Dennis :”Alright Nev don’t get your knickers in a twist I was just saying I liked Cuba.”

Neville :”I didn’t like the African job and Thailand turned into a nightmare.”

Dennis :” I reckon Arizona must be up there with the leaders, warmer than Germany though.”

Neville :”What do you reckon to Jamaica?”

Dennis :”Y’kna like I said to Oz I had hopes for the Outreach project .We’d had some success with training those youngsters in Cuba and Moxey said he thought it must be my inner social worker trying to get out.”

Neville :”Aye ,I thought that PCD thing was right up our street even if we were still on the tools.”

Dennis :” I was happy to spend a bit of time back on the tools but whether it was the Chinese or the unions I don’t think PCD got a fair crack of the whip. Anyway it’s all water under the thingy now isn’t it?”

Neville :”Do you know what Gary Turnbull’s doing these days?”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Thu Jun 24, 2021 8:03 pm


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Re: A Concerted Effort

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Sara is asking Oz how his meeting with Den and Nev had gone.

Sara :” I expect you told them we are both concerned?”

Oz :” It wasn’t a secret pet, we are both concerned aren’t we?”

Oz :” I find that decisions made under duress are not always the best. This is not the time to change horses, there is so much we don’t know and just exactly what happened around Barry. What Hilary revealed about the mole in Europol hacking Barry’s computer makes me wonder if ours have been hacked as well. I’d also like to know how Tarquin was able to plan the job without us getting a sniff at Amesec and by the way Kenny Brown where is your security ?” Oz was dumbstruck.

Oz :” At least you stopped for breath petal, dear me what’s up ?”

Sara :” I’m worried Oz.Believe it or not I’ve had time recently to reflect- you know it takes ones mind off other more pressing things. The last attempt to discredit Amesec if you remember ,was down to Heather Lane and it was fraudulent.There was talk in my old department that Madam Lane had envious eyes on the carcase of Amesec.”

Oz :” Didn’t we just decide this was an attack on Chris?”

Sara :” What’s your point petal?”

Oz :” Are you not just pointing a finger at Heather Lane?”

Sara :”Not incompatible. Heather has always played the long game. Remember she had the photographs of Ulrich and Stefano from Isla Victoria, and she was the one who got the intel about Stefano’s involvement with human trafficking in containers from the Black Sea.”

Oz :” You’re painting Heather Lane as a villain pet?”

Sara :” There is a lot of circumstantial evidence supporting that painting and let’s not forget a lot of people in the intelligence game do go over to the dark side.It’s an occupational hazard. Anyway I don’t like running away from a fight and Amesec is doing so well ,at least that’s what Chris says in his emails. You wouldn’t clear off and not see Sara Victoria again would you?” Oz was not expecting this and had to think.

Oz :”Frankly pet I wonder if she sees my visits are necessary any more.She is more and more self contained ,that’s the best way I can put it.”

Sara :”How often does Vicky visit?”

Oz :” Why do you ask that?”

Sara :” Just thinking out loud darling.Where would Anna go if Dagmar left I wonder. She has grown closer to Dagmar since she started in her office.”

Oz :” Aye,I did wonder how she’d get on after Beatrice had gone.”

Sara :” Did you tell Sara Victoria you were going to be a father again?”

Oz :” You know I did ,I told you I was going to.” Oz tried to look wounded.” Why ,did you think I wouldn’t tell her?”

Sara :” Of course not pet,I’m being overly sensitive ,worrying about potential sibling rivalry, this is a first for me. Do you remember telling me about making pots?”

Oz :” Pots, what about pots?”

Sara :” You told me anyone can make a pot ,but a teapot is different ‘cos it takes an expert to put the spout on.” Oz started to laugh and couldn’t stop ,and was soon in tears.

Chris is meeting with Kenny Brown.

Kenny :” Solly has been in touch and asking after you.I told him you would get back to him. This is about the Stille brothers isn’t it?”

Chris :”It’s best you don’t know Kenny. Let’s look at your plans about Amesec. What more can be done about security at the New Castle?”

Kenny :”Much as we did last time ,you know after the explosion .It’s a big property but the saving grace is it’s in a built up area.We could always do a Langley or GCHQ .” He laughed but got no response from Chris.

Chris :” Word has come to me that our friends the lads and their nearest and dearest are unhappy. Since Oz and his family are the only residents how do you assess the danger?”

Kenny :”Since Dagmar and Pru work there with Barry Taylor’s daughter, they are obvious targets as well and not only while they’re on the premises. You can see why they’re not happy. We did look at moving them all out before you know?”

Chris :”You know it doesn’t have to be in that building, it’s just historical and with an increase in staff levels we’ll soon be looking for more space.”

Kenny :” Multiple sites may not be a problem in fact may offer an advantage.Containing the Data Acquisition isn’t a problem it’s the Interpretation and Dissemination that’s labour intensive. At the last count they were up to about sixty souls.You wouldn’t want to move it would you boss?” Chris laughed.

Chris :” No need. In fact I’ve often thought I would like to live there but I remember Pru Scott Johns as she then was ,told me if I went to Europe to avoid the Belgians. She was right those buggers in Brussels have their noses into everything.”

Kenny :”Now that we’ve wrapped up in the Atacama can I ask about your personal security boss?” Chris looked puzzled.

Chris :” I don’t see what you’re getting at Kenny?”

Kenny :”Carla?”

Chris :” I’ve had some thought on that I’ll get back to you.What’s next?”

Kenny :” I heard from Luis that questions have been raised about security at CWN headquarters.”

Chris :”What questions and why is Luis involved?”

Kenny :”Since the Stille brothers disappeared there has been concern about you boss, you are the main man at present ,and you told me tell Luis to keep an eye on things.”

Chris :” That business just about runs itself and has done for years.Metals and mining are in the news again Kenny. As Oz would say we can’t fall off!”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

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Re: A Concerted Effort

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Oz and Sara are discussing parenting responsibilities.

Oz :” See I wasn’t around for Rod and I didn’t know about Sara Victoria for years, but one thing that sticks in my mind is Nev going into detail about poor Barry trying to come to terms with Tatiana’s revelation.Will I be too old, will the other kids think I’m the granddad waiting at the school gates and so on.” Sara laughed.

Sara :”Do you think you’re too old?”

Oz :”No and anyway I want to do more . Remember I’m the new Oz. Lots of women are mothers and have a career elsewhere. What do you want to do?”

Sara :” First of all I want us all to be safe but I do still have contacts in the department ,apart from Hilary.”

Dennis and Neville are talking about an invitation they both received to stay with Debbie and Detlef at their home in Miami.

Neville :” Do you reckon Detlef has a cunning plan Den?”

Dennis :”What do you mean a plan?”

Neville :”Well I don’t see our Debbie coming up with this idea, most of the time she’s haring around to fashion shows and suchlike.”

Dennis :”Howay Nev she’s maybe just wanting to see you.I think it’s a great idea.What do you reckon Dagmar?” There was an exchange of winks that Nev didn’t see.

Dagmar :” I’m with you on this,I’d love to see them both and I’ve never seen their home, Pru?” Pru nodded and winked.

Dennis :” Well it’s settled then we’re going , Howay Miami!”

At her shop in San Pedro de Atacama Carla is laughing at an email she has just received .John overheard .

John :” What’s so funny ?”

Carla :” I knew it!” She stood up and put her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

John :”Okay sis tell me ,it’s your one time friend Christian Norris.”

Carla :” Don’t try to be smart. Yes it’s Chris he wants to see me and he’s sending a plane !”

John :” You know Robert told me about his fiancee ?”

Carla :” Ex fiancee and yes he told me too. All in good time John .I’ve been patient and I think things are going my way for a change.”

John :” He hurt you badly Carla, have you forgotten?:

Carla :” I don’t suppose I ever will forget but now that I know she was behind splitting us up it doesn’t seem half as bad.”

Pru had made discreet enquiries about Gary Turnbull after Dennis and Neville had raised the subject.

Pru :” I have learned that Luis Sandoro ,with whom I had dealings subsequent to our Cuban adventure has been in discussion with Gary recently.The basis of their collaboration is viable amounts of rare earths ,some are associated with the existing Cuban nickel and cobalt operations. They have jointly approached the government to institute a training programme to create their own native workforce ensuring that profits from this resource do not flow out of the country.”

Neville :” I thought they were on good terms with the Canadians?”

Pru :” True at one point, and based on the experience of their Jamaican comrades they would have done a deal but someone pointed out the profits from natural resources should benefit the country of origin .”

Dennis :” Is this some kind of Marxist idea ‘cos in my experience you don’t get owt for nowt and the mining company invested heavily at the outset?”

Pru :” According to Gary the idea came from Luis Sandoro and is based on what you lot achieved in Jamaica at the spoil heaps.The technology is licensed via Chris’s contact in the Atacama ,he’s at the university ,a chap called Robert?”

Dennis :” Aye I heard Moxey talk about him ,that’s before he cleared off.”

Neville :” Are we any closer finding out where Moxey is?”

Pru :” Well it would be very good to know since he is the only one of us with hands on experience of the technique ,that is since Wyman passed on.”

Dennis :” I have to say Pru that’s all well and good but we’re not mining engineers.”

Pru :” Luis recalls the success you had with the apprentice scheme you initiated and wants to re introduce something similar to develop their own building trades and add-on the process work which Moxey was doing . This ensures they are in control at all levels. I should also add that Chris has given his blessing and has offered a deal with CWN that will not allow the lions share to leave the island. The engineer has a sister called Carla who is an academic at the same university and is a close friend of Chris, I understand.”

Neville :” So it’s important we get a grip of Moxey?”

Pru :”Dagmar is fairly sure he went to Scotland but after contacting Guy she was told he is in the US with a near neighbour Morag Macdonald ,she is the beneficial owner of the estate adjoining Kilgrinnan.”
Dennis :” Dear me he doesn’t waste any time !” He was interrupted as Pru carried on with the story.

Pru :” Chris then came to the rescue again apparently Moxey has been seen at the Chocanaw reservation ,with a companion.He has asked that Chip tells Moxey to get in touch.”

Dennis :” We assume that he will want to be involved?”

Pru :” There could be problem in that area. Apparently he and Wyman had words just before he left.The site foreman told Chris what happened and it wasn’t all down to Moxey.”

Neville :” So we just have to wait to hear from him?”

Oz has a call from Kenny Ames.

Kenny:” Hi Oz ,okay?”

Oz :”Fine Kenny ,just a few sleepless nights . What can I do you for?”

Kenny :” Vicky just called in to see Sara Vic, she’d been told earlier by the mother Superior she'd been admitted to hospital.” Oz felt guilty as he hadn’t called in to see her for over two weeks.

Oz :” Is she okay, what’s the problem?”

Kenny :”They are not sure ,she’s not the sort of lass to complain but recently the convent medical
Supervisor diagnosed chronic fatigue and referred her to the hospital for further investigation.So Vicky had to give a sample for DNA testing and has asked me to ask you if you would mind doing the same ,today.”

Oz :” Of course I’ll go right away.They think it’s genetic ,like passed on?”

Kenny :” That’s the story I was given,Vicky’s in a right state,I’d better go .Thanks Oz.”

Later at the hospital Oz is talking to Vicky.

Oz :” How is she?”

Vicky :”I just left her ,she seems to be sleeping. I’m sorry about this Oz, but I’m worried sick. You told me your lad Rod had something similar and passed away a year or two back?”
Oz had to be honest and explain Rod’s condition had been complicated by HIV.

Oz :” Anyway how long before they complete the test?”

Vicky :”They said they knew what to look for and preliminary tests didn’t show what they were after.”

Oz :” So what’s the answer ,what can they do to help her?”

Vicky:” I don’t know Oz, they don’t say a lot and mostly it’s in Spanish and you know I could never learn it.”

They left the waiting room and went for a coffee.

Vicky :”So Oz ,Kenny says Chris has plans for Amesec ,more staff and some building alterations?”

Oz :” To tell you the truth pet I haven’t paid much attention these last few days.I do know the lads are talking about moving because of all the hassle we’ve been getting.” They were interrupted by a lab technician waving her arms to attract their attention.They followed her back to the lab where Oz had been swabbed.They were greeted by a woman in medical garb.

“ I am doctor Inez, I saw you earlier. Mrs Ames we have a preliminary comparison between Sara Victoria’s DNA and the sample provided by mister Osbourne. I must ask ,are you certain he is the father?” This left Vicky and Oz speechless. There was pause ,Oz was the first to speak.

Oz :” You must be wrong, you’ve made a mistake, surely?”

Dr Inez :” I could show you but I doubt you would understand.Take my word for it there are insufficient markers to confirm paternity. We will do further checks but we have to ask the question.” She looked directly at Vicky.

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