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Story Name - Greenfingers Author - Tracy Holmes Premise - An extended scene from ‘Suspicion’. We all saw the money going missing during this episode close to the end, but did the lads find out who took it? .
Series 1 Episode 4 Suspicion. Scene ends with 'Ayatolah' stealing the doctored note and quickly leaving the hut. Scene continues; Oz: "I dunna what the, HEY ! The notes gone ! And so is Ayatolah !" He makes for the door but Dennis yells at him to stop. Den: "Just stop right there Oz, hold ya horses ! Did anyone see him take it ?" All say no. Den: "Right, I'll go over to the Turks hut and see what I can find out." Oz: "Na man, I’m gonna knock his bloody head off !" Den: "Listen man, the last thing we need is a war with the Turks. Let me handle it man !" Bomber: "Den's right diplomacy is whats needed here not blood everywhere. Bomber would rather have Turkish delight rather than Turks to fight !" Oz: "Look man!" Den: "ALREET ?!!!" Oz: "Alreet, alreet, suit yasell." Den hurriedly get dressed, lights a fag and opens the door. Next scene, Den knocks on the door of the Turks hut. Door opens. Mehmet: "Dennis our friend, come, come inside and we make for you tea. Yusef, tea for our friend." Den sits at their table: "Im sorry to be a bother like but we have a problem and we need your help." A cup is handed to Den who takes a sip and tries not to choke. Mehmet: "Yes we help, of course." Den tells the whole 9 yards while the Turks listen and jabber away amongst themselves. Mehmet gets up and walks to his locker. He returns and shows Den a watch: "This watch belongs to our friend yes ?" Den: "Ah yea, could be." Mehmet: "I buy from our brother Ahmet. He tells me he buys from a market." Just then, the door opens and its Ahmet with a bucket of firewood. His green fingers visible to all. He sees Den and stops in his tracks. The door is shut behind him. Mehmet jabbers at him and he sits. Den looks at him, shows him the watch and asks gently: "Did you steal from us ?" Mehmet interprets, Ahmet looks down and nods his head. He takes the note from his pocket and hands it to Den. Mehmet gives him a verbal bollocking. Mehmet turns to Den: "Please, we deal with him yes ? We get your friends money back too and more for him." Den: "Aye champion ! Tell him we all have to work together and we need to respect and look after each other, ok ?!" Den gets up and shakes hands with the Turks: "Dont be too hard on him yea ?!" Mehmet: "We not be cutting off his hands, no no and please, I have request for you and your friends." Final scene, Den  arrives back. Oz: "Did ya get me money back ?" Den sits down as the others gather around: "Make us a coffee will ya someone. Now listen everybody, especially you Oz. Its been sorted. It was him and here's ya money and ya watch. Nev, you will paid back with interest. They will deal with him and tomorrow night we are all invited to their hut for dinner and a booze-up. Their shout. It will be a night of celebration to cement the harmony of the site OK ?" Everyone agrees. Oz: "Be a bloody miracle if we don’t all get food poisoning !" Barry: "Oh aye, their food preparation leaves a lot to be desired it does, much like their toiletry habits ya see back in..." Dennis cuts him off, Den: "Look man, lets just accept their hospitality, get pissed and get back to normal eh ?!" Oz: "Its not their hospitality I’m worried aboot, its ending up in hospital!" Den shakes his head. Wayne: "Well the way I see it is this. We might end up with a technicolor toilet but Oz did catch the thief red handed with green fingers. Lets just hope they're careful with how they brown the meat !" Everyone laughs except Barry who squirms, "eeeeuuurrrr !" Scene ends.