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‘Crystal clear sir.....’

Story Name - Moxey’s Miracle Author - Tracy Holmes Premise - On receiving his letter from Barry in prison, is it possible that Barry and Hazel could to put the wedding back a year so that he can attend?. .
Series 2, 'Return Of The Seven' Scene continues, Mick and Moxey plastering. Mick: "If he's a really good mate, maybe he'll put the wedding back a year." Moxey continues work but stops and has that concerned look. He then smiles and asks, Moxey: "You ever been married Mick ?" Mick: "No, never even had a proper girlfriend. Probably just as well, all the trouble Ive been in. What about you then ?" Moxey: "Me neither. I almost got engaged once." Mick: "What happened ?" Moxey: "I'd been seeing this girl from Runcorn. No 'Beauty Queen' obviously but we had a good time and I thought it was gettin serious." Mick: "What was her name then ?" Moxey hesitates, "Roxey." Mick bursts out laughing, "Roxey ?! So she would have been Roxey Moxey haha." Moxey: "Yea I know. Maybe thats w-w-why she ended it like." Moxey gets that glazed look and starts to slowly lick his lips. "She did really amazing things with her tongue." Mick: "Like what ?" Moxey: "Eh ? Oh, eerrr nuttin, its just we were gettin serious. Well I thought so anyway but one night, she never showed up. I waited till closing time and walked home. I tried phoning but no reply. Went round to her place and her sister said she had packed a bag and got on the bus. Said she didnt know where she was going but she would say that. I got a postcard a few days later from Leicester. 'Dear John' " Mick: "John ?" Moxey: "Its a term of reference. Anyway, it was over and I became B-B-Burt, B-B-Bacharach." Mick: "Whose he play for ?" Moxey: "No he's a piano player, 'I'll never fall in love again'." Mick: "Thats a really sad story our Mox but never say never." Moxey: "mmm I really fancy going to Barry's though. I could take care of some business on the way." Mick: "Business ?" Moxey: "Oh just some family stuff. Me sister needs some help and Im the only one she can trust." Mick: "What dya do for cash then ?" Moxey: "Thats no bother. Got a mate who can cash me up." Mick: "Not a loan shark ?!" Moxey: "No, the bloke who should've been in 'ere with me. But with no hard evidence against him, I took the wrap for us both. Well, no point both of us being in 'ere. And he's got a wife and kids. He's not short of a few quid and he told me when I get out, he would see me right. " Mick, "You got some good mates out there Mox !" Moxey: "Yea I know that and Im gettin homesick. I think this invitation is my ticket out mate." Mick: "Count on me Mox, I know nothing !" Moxey has a wry smile, "Thanks Mick. Thanks very much." The sound of keys jangling and the door bursts open; Mr Galloway: "Less talk you two or the next job you will be working by yourselves. Singularly or one at a time !" Door closes. Mick: "Dya think he's married ?" Moxey: "With any luck, he married Roxey !" Both of them laugh as the scene fades out. The end.