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Story Name - One Big Happy Family Author - Tracy Holmes Premise - Oz has ended back in the UK after getting legless with a bunch of Sunderland supporters even though Oz is a die hard Newcastle United supporter (This episode was filmed before the first episode, and the writers forgot to make the lads Newcastle Supporters). A scene was filmed of Oz saying good morning to little Rod, but it was never shown. Here is what might have happened. .
Series 1, 'The Girls They Left Behind.' Oz finds himself back in Newcastle after a drunken night out with Sunderland supporters, in Belgium ! Scene 1. Marjorie having a smoke, in the kitchen fixing Oz some bacon & eggs. Scene 2. Oz gently opens Rod's bedroom door. Oz: "Rod. Rod son Rod. Time to wake up son." Rod stirs, opens his eyes and sees Oz. Rod: "Da ? Is that yee ?" Oz: "Aye son, its me alreet." Rod sits up, rubs his eyes then excitedly jumps out of bed and cuddles his dad. Oz smiles as he cuddles his son. Rod, "I knew yee'd be back Da ! Haha, yav got me mam's tea pot stuck to yee hand haha. And yee stink of beer too haha !" Rod sits on his bed and looks adoringly at his dad. Oz: "Aye son, well I was just eerrmmm, I was just doin some cleaning for ya mam like and it got stuck somehow." Rod: "Did ya find any money Da ? I think mam hides it somewheres else now haha. Can ya take me too school Da ? I want all my friends to see ya !" Oz: "Well actually son ..." [ Rod speaks over ] Rod: "I thought it was you when mam got home last neet. The sitter left and mam was making a lot of noise in her bedroom. Laughing and screaming like !" Oz: "She was ?" Rod: "Yea but I never get up. She yells at me if I do that so I stay in bed. I was hoping it was you Da and I was reet ! Please take me to school Da !" Oz with a puzzled look on his face: "Aye son, I'll take ya to school like." Rod: "Where have ya been Da ? I missed yee !" Oz: "Well actually son, I've been in Germany. In a big city called Düsseldorf." Rod: "Haha, thats a funny name Da !" Oz: "Aye son it is that, well anyways, me mate Dennis got me the job, workin on a building site. Him and me is Gaffas ya kna ! We give all the orders to the Jormans and Turks. Thats why I had to leave before I could say goodbye cos it had to be a secret like. Aye, it was all top secret, just like in me spy books. Im earning big wonga son, all for you and ya mam when the jobs finished." Rod sadly:  "Does that mean ya have to gan back Da ?" Oz: "Aye son it does but not for too much longer. I really miss ya and yee mam. Thats why I was so happy to see ya mam last neet !" Rod: "I thought so, she sounded so happy yelling "yes, yes, yes man yes", so I was happy too and I went to sleep." Oz: "Did she now ? Well I canna remember like as I was just so happy to be back ya kna. We love eachother so much ya see. And I love you too son so I promise, ya have my word, when I get back, were ganna be one big happy family !" Rod cuddles his dad again: "I love you too Da ! Even with a tea pot stuck to ya mit haha !" Oz: "You're a good lad son, Im proud of ya ! Now you get dressed and I'll see ya for breakfast OK ? Then I'll take ya to school." Rod: "OK Gaffa Da, haha !" Scene 3. Majorie watching the stove as the bacon crackles, hears the post being delivered. Picks up the mail and sees her letter to Oz returned, 'Not known at this address'. Majorie: "OOOZZZ ?!!!" Oz: "What ? Ya got me breakfast ready ?" Scene continues.