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‘I lived in a place like this once.....’

Story Name - A Stormy Fan Event Author - Lee Barratt, original idea by Grant Brereton. Premise - A fan fiction not based on the lads, but based around the Fansite team and well known fans. Locations include those seen in Series 2 of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet such as Thornely Manor and The Barley Mow.

It’s a rainy Friday night, and the Team Lee, Tim and Andy are organizing a weekend of events for the fans. The news has been saying all

week that the weekend will see bad storms moving across the whole country and disruption is to be expected.

The team has arranged for events to start at 10am on Saturday morning, and they are using Friday night to make sure everything is in


Andy and Lee have driven down from the North, and meet at Tim’s house.

The adventure begins.

Tim: “Shall we go in my car, cause I know the area and it’ll be quicker?” Andy: “No bother Tim. I reckon we should get going like because it’s pretty bad out there, and its 3pm now and already it’s getting dark….” Lee: “Aye, lets get going eh…” As the lads set off, it’s raining heavily, and the rumble of thunder can be heard in the distance. Andy: “Whose idea was it to have it this weekend like?” Lee: “Well it was yours. We all agreed that July should be the best month, but look at it, it’s pissing it down, and my feet are pissed wet through already….” The lads pile into Tim’s Corsa, but as he starts it, trouble is already brewing. Tim: “If it makes a knocking noise, don’t worry; it’s been playing up all week. I took the missus to work this morning and a it was banging a round a bit, but it’ll be alright...” Lee: “Oh, I bloody hope so, because I don’t want to be stuck out in this all night…” Tim: “It’ll be fine..” Andy is looking over the itinerary and planning the first visit of the day. Andy: “I reckon we should hit Thornely Manor first, let them know that we’ll be knocking around tomorrow and to expect a few fans taking pictures?..” Tim: “I’ve already told him there’ll be quite a few of us tomorrow, but let’s just going and make sure he knows what’s happening…” It’s pouring down with rain, and Lee is sat in the back, already feeling a bit queasy… Lee: “I get terrible car sickness me like…” Tim: “Oh fantastic, that’s all I need..” Andy: “Well why didn’t you sit in the front…?” Lee: “Because you got in the front. How can I get in the front if you already got in the front? Never mind, how far is it?..” Tim: “Bloody miles…” Andy: “Oh hey Tim, the quotes are coming out already…” Tim: “Ahh bollocks man…!” Lee: “How many quotes do you say a day Tim? I bet your missus gets right pissed off like…” Tim: “Only a few times a day, I say Tosser a lot when I’m driving…” A few miles down the road, some fans are checking into a B&B, not far from Thornely Manor. Grant has been a fan of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet for years, and this fan weekend is his first taste of meeting other fans and visiting locations. Grant: “The weather has been terrible today; it’s taken me about 4 hours to get here…” B&B Owner: “Oh I know duck, it’s been like this all week, and it’s not let up at all. You have plenty of clean towels and the heating is on. I know its July, but its bloody freezing isn’t it?...” Grant is amused at the old lady saying ‘Bloody freezing…’ Grant: “Yes, and thank you I’ll go and get myself sorted in my room…” The team is nearing Thornely Manor, but the weather is getting worse, and Tim’s Corsa seems to be playing ‘funny buggers’. Tim: “Er lads, I think we might have a problem…” Lee: “We are breaking down aren’t we? We’re bloody breaking down….!” Andy: “Lee man, calm down…” Lee: “It’s alright for you 2, I feel as sick as a bloody dog back here, and my feet are pissed through…” As the Corsa comes to a stop in the middle of nowhere, the lads decide the only option is to walk to Thornely Manor. So, in the pouring rain, howling wind and darkening skies, Lee, Tim and Andy are walking down a country lane, somewhere close to Thornely Manor….. What they don’t know is, Thornely Manor is being abandoned. Power lines are down, phones are down and the owners ‘The Matthews’ are going to a friend’s house until the storm blows over. The police are holding up motorists nearby as many local roads are flooded. The Matthews are a well respected family who know the village and its people well. As 'The Matthews' are driving away from Thornely Manor, the pass the 'Lily law' James: "Afternoon Richard, a horrible day. I have closed up the Hall, we are off to a friends house until this awful storm blows over..." Police: “Everything will be fine Mr. Matthews, no one will be around here tonight, not in this weather…” James: "You'd have to be a complete pillock to be out in this...." Richard the Policeman gives a slight grin, knowing he's 'the pillock' They both laugh and James is on his way. Further up the road, 3 more pillocks are walking in the worst weather the UK has seen in years.... Lee: “Well this is just chuffing brilliant this. Supposed to be the Fan Weekend and we have some of the worst weather ever…” Andy: “Well you cannot blame me for this.” Lee: “I wasn’t blaming anybody, I was just saying…” Andy: “Maybes we should just cancel the whole thing, I mean it’s going to be no fun in this is it? Lee: “How can we man? It’s Friday night and most people will be travelling down, if they haven’t already...” Tim: “Look lads, Thornely is just up the road, we can ask the owner if we can use his phone and get dry, lets just get up there and sort this out.” What the lads don’t know is Thornely Manor is completely empty, there is no power and the phone lines are down, and no one has any idea where they are.  What they also don’t know, is that in the other direction on the same road a group of fans are scouring for action and trying to find the local pub. Click Here For Part Two!