Back in 1983 when Auf Wiedersehen, Pet first aired, most of the leading cast were almost unknowns, but that was to change overnight, when on November 11th 1983, ‘If I Were a Carpenter’ the first episode aired on ITV. The show, about a group of unemployed building workers brought together on the Beco Building site in Düsseldorf, became an instant success with viewing figures in the millions. 3 Geordie bricklayers, a Scouse plasterer, a Cockney chippy, a Brummie electrician and a West Country bricklayer all grouped together in a wooden hut in the middle of Germany. Drunken nights out, weekends away fishing and a few other adventures along the way, many ending in broken dreams and broken hearts. Oz, Dennis, Neville, Barry, Moxey, Bomber and Wayne were the original magnificent seven. Working on the Beco Building site they gave us 13 episodes of adventures, some with the lads falling in love, and many with a few mistakes which come back to haunt them. In 1986 the lads were eventually reunited when Barry sent out an SOS, to get his house finished before his upcoming wedding to Hazel. The lads finished Barry’s house and when Dennis offered them an opportunity they couldn’t turn down, they stay together for a couple of jobs in Derbyshire and Marbella, Spain working for legendary TV villain Ally Fraser. We last saw the lads in limbo on a boat to Tangiers, and we thought that was the last we would see of them. In 2002, and to everybody's surprise, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet was brought back to our screens, this time on the BBC. With the death of Gary Holton in 1985, Wyman played by Noel Clarke was brought in to play the part of Wayne’s son. There were 2 series in 2004, with the show ending on December 29th. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 1983 - 2004


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