Jimmy Nail Stuns Fans At Sell-Out 40th Anniversary Cinema Screening! We couldn’t let Auf Wiedersehen Pet’s Official 40th Anniversary pass without a bang on the 11th November 2023. And boy did we make a noise?! Tickets for the first of our celebrations sold out within a few short hours of going on sale and we were blown away. Two weeks later fans from across the country joined the team behind the Official Auf Wiedersehen Pet Fan Site to unite and watch series 1, episode 1, ‘If I Were A Carpenter’ at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle 40 years to the minute since its first broadcast in 1983. Following a short-potted history of our journey ‘working on the website from morning to night’ over the last 10 years, and our close relationship with the ‘Sunday for Sammy Trust’ during that time, we made a number of very special introductions. Series 1 and 2 set designer Mike Perry joined us all the way from Folkstone along with Vision and VTR Engineer Adrian Huckfield from Loughborough. We also introduced Lisa Salkeld (nee Whyte), who played Dennis and Vera’s daughter in series 1 & 2 before Lesley Saint-John (series 2 Vicky) joined us on stage to recall her time with on screen partner Bill Paterson (AKA Ally Fraser). Lesley also told us what she thought of Series 1 when it first broadcast and touched upon her audition which landed her role as Ally’s girlfriend in series 2. And, we couldn’t let her go without asking that burning question on everyone’s mind… did she still own the green bikini! Messages from the principal cast were read out to our sell out audience before a very special video message from ‘Our Gaffer’ Tim Healy. Tim apologised for his absence (he’s currently on tour in NY with his son and The 1975) whilst thanking fans for their continued support and wishing them a ‘belta’ of a night! But a bombshell rocked The Tyneside Cinema when a surprise appearance from Jimmy Nail shocked the audience who raised the roof once the penny dropped, greeting our Geordie legend with a standing ovation. The audience were in tears and disbelief when he joined us on stage with a heartfelt thanks to fans for their continued long-standing support over 40 years. With the clock fast approaching the 9pm screening, Jimmy agreed to answer a range of questions submitted by fans via the Official Auf Wiedersehen Pet Fan Site in a quick- fire round offering us an incredible insight as to what life was like on set. We discussed his famous ‘leather jacket’, who really kicked the ball through Arther Pringles window and the infamous ‘underpants story’ before he disclosed his favourite Auf Wiedersehen Pet episode. His answer? Series 1, episode 1 ‘If I Were A Carpenter’ which would change his life forever! Jimmy left the stage to rapturous applause before the screening of the very first episode at 9pm sharp. Fans pre-empted quotes, sang ‘Rule Britannia’ and laughed as if it were the very first time they’d watched the award winning no. 1 comedy drama. The atmosphere was simply electric. It was a joy to meet fellow fans in the Tyneside Coffee bar following the screening to celebrate the legacy of this incredible show and we’d like to thank those fortunate to join us on the 11th November 2023 for a wonderful intimate evening that will never be forgotten, for more than one reason. Proceeds from the event will be split between our partnered charities ‘The Sunday for Sammy Trust’ and ‘FACT’ (Fighting All Cancers Together), a north-east cancer charity of which Jimmy Nail is patron. And, as for what’s next… trust us, we’re not done yet!!! Make sure you sign up to our dedicated AWP40 newsletter for more news on our 40th Anniversary Celebrations coming soon!
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet 2023
We’d sincerely like to thank Jimmy Nail, Tim Healy, Lesley Saint-John, Lisa Salkeld, Mike Perry and Adrian Huckfield whose contributions made for an unforgettable night. Thanks also to all the staff to The Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle whose assistance was impeccable to the last detail. Special thanks to ‘Magic Man Paul Innes’ for entertaining our guests both pre & post-screening and event photographer Paul Glass.
Series 1 & 2 Vision and VTR Engineer: Adrian Huckfield. Photo: Paul Glass
Series 1 & 2 Set Designer: Mike Perry. Photo: Paul Glass
Series 2: Lesley Saint-John (AKA Vicky). Photo: Paul Glass
L-R Andy Patrick (website), Lisa Salkeld (nee Whyte), Mike Perry, Lesley-Saint-John, Adrian Huckfield, Lee Barratt (website). Photo: Paul Glass
Andy Patrick (website) with surprise guest Jimmy Nail (AKA Leonard Jeffrey ‘Oz’ Osborne).
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet
Fans At Sell-Out 40th Anniversary Cinema Screening! We couldn’t let Auf Wiedersehen Pet’s Official 40th Anniversary pass without a bang on the 11th November 2023. And boy did we make a noise?! Were you there on the night?!